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Eik Release 10.0

New Features

Multiple Language Interface

New multi-language interface option allows you to choose from a list of multiple languages. To choose another language apart from default English, go to Features on the top menu bar then select Option Settings from the drop down menu and select a language of your choice from the Language section and click Save.

To revert back to another language for instance, select the other language from the language drop down box located next to Help.

Seasons and Holidays Definition

Now you can create a season like holiday season, summer season with multiple date range at once and then you can assign this season to multiple regular rates. Now you can minimize the work of creating multiple seasonal dates for each and every regular rates.

To do this click Setup from the top menu bar, then select Basic Easy InnKeeping and click on Rate Setup and click on Seasons and Holidays Definition and then Add Season.

After creating the season, click on Rate tab in the rate setup screen and then select on the regular rate name that you need to create a seasonal rate. At the bottom of the regular rate screen, click on Add Seasonal Rates checkbox and tick the season you need to create a seasonal rate. In the Rack Rate enter the seasonal rate and click on Save Rate Plan.

If the extra charges differ from existing regular rate setup then tick the Extra Charges different from Rack and add the extra charge amount for the new seasonal rates and click on Save Rate Plan.

To view the created seasonal rate, click on View Seasonal Rate Magnifier in the regular rate screen.

You can also edit any details of the created seasonal rate by clicking on the Edit button (Pencil Icon) and delete any particular date range by clicking on the Delete button and then update the changes.

Updated Functionality

Room Status

Housekeeping status (Clean, Dirty, Vacant…) can be assigned to the particular room in the calendar screen to help the housekeeping staffs easily understand the status of each room by seeing the calendar. Each status can be assigned a color code and a customized name can be given.

To assign a color code for a Housekeeping Status, Click on Setup on the top menu bar, Select Advanced Easy InnKeeping from the drop down then select Room Status.

To edit a color code, Click on the Edit button (Pencil icon) next to the color code you would want to edit, and assign a color from the color picker and click save.

Click on the second tab of room status screen to view the Reservation Status screen. Reservation status color can be changed under this option.

Both Housekeeping Status and Reservation Status changes can be viewed in calendar as shown below : –

Rate Setup

Now the Regular and Seasonal rate screen are clubbed into a single screen under “Rate Setup” screen.

Rate Setup

Regular Rate

No. of guest label has been changed to “Included Occupants”.

You can edit a regular rate in the list itself by clicking on the Edit button (Pencil Icon) and update the changes.

Policy Setup

In Policy setup screen you can create policies and make that visible in Reservation Invoice, online reservation and shopping cart screens. There is a new Search option on the top right corner to search the policies easier.


Tax can be set up under Setup>> Basic Easy InnKeeping>>Taxes.


1. Click on the Add button to add a new tax. The “Setup Tax” page is displayed as shown.

2. Enter Tax Name.

3. Select the Tax Type.

4. Enter the tax rate in the Amount box.

5. If the tax applies to lodging, then check the Applied To Lodging check box. Taxes will beapplicable to reservations only if this check box is selected.

6. Click on the Save button.

Online Widget

The Online Check Availability and Book Now widget can be placed in your website so that it will be navigated to our online booking engine EWR and guest will booking online and booked reservation will be captured in the Easy InnKeeping application. To access, go to Setup>> Basic Easy Webrez >>Online Widget.

Choose the Widget/ Book Now, automatically code for the Widget/ Book Now will be generated. You can copy this code and implement this code in your website.

Auto Email for GDS reservations

The Auto Email feature enabled automatically for reservations that come from online travel agency.


To make an easy access with the letter we have upgraded the letter screen with a brand new design. To access this new letter screen, go to Setup >> Advanced Easy InnKeeping >> Letters >> Reservation Letters.

Existing Letter List Screen:

New Letter List Screen:

Creating a Letter:

Click on “Add Letter” button in the bottom of the screen to create a new letter.

Steps 1: Letter Description

Enter the Letter Name, Description and Submitted By and click on Next button. If you already create a letter then click on Upload HTML File and upload the created document and click on Save button.

Steps 2: Select a Template

Select anyone predefined template and click on Next button. To preview the template click on Preview button.

Steps 3: Edit Template

You can build the letter content up here. In the “Type Your Text Here” area click on the edit icon (pencil icon).

Add the contents also choose the fields like first name, last name…etc. from the custom field’s dropdown and then click on Save button.

Editing a Letter:

To edit the letter click on the edit button located at the right hand side or also click on the letter name.


To preview the letter click on the preview icon located at the right hand side.

Auto Email:

To enable auto email condition click on edit button (Pencil Icon) on the particular Mail Name and choose the Send Date (Instantly after booking, After check in date…etc.…) condition from the dropdown list and enter the Days (if send date condition is “Before check-in date” and if “Days” is set to 2 days then the letter will be send automatically before two days from the check-in date for the particular reservation) for which the letter should send.

Note: Only the Mail Name those are checked in the Enable/Disable checkbox, those emails only automatically sent. You can check in the list page of Auto Email that those email are enabled will be shown in “Green” color.

Merge Letter (Bulk Email)

Click on “Bulk Email” icon (Letter icon, under action column) for the particular letter.

Choose the condition to filter and click on Email button

Based on the filtered condition, result will be showed. After that you can click on Send button.

Other Settings

To access the pages easier in one single place the following pages (Referral, Bed Types, Room View, Guest Type, Visit Type, Zip/ Postal Codes, Credit Card) have been consolidated into a single page named as “Other Settings”. To access, go to Setup >> Advanced Easy InnKeeping >> Other Settings in the main menu.

New Screen:

The feature will remain the same for all the screens with an additional Search Box option at the top right corner and Page Selection option at the bottom of the screen.


All the activities that your property includes can be added under the Activities. To access Activities, navigate through Setup>> Advanced Basic Easy Webrez >> Activities in main menu.

Add Activity:

1. To add an activity, Click on ADD Activity button.

2. Enter the Activity Name and Distance from the property.

3. Give some description and click on Save Activity Name. This will be shown in the Online Booking Engine.


The different kinds of Amenities in your property are added and maintained in this screen. Amenities that you add in this screen will be displayed in the Unit Setup screen so that you can assign the amenities to the rooms. Also, it will also displayed in the Online Booking Engine. Amenities can be managed under Setup >> Basic Easy InnKeeping >> Amenities.

Add Amenity:

1. Click on the ADD button. The Add Amenity screen appears.

2. Enter the Amenity Name and Description.

3. Upload the Image by clicking on Browse button.

4. Click on Save button

Image Settings

Image settings give you the provision to set up images for various sections of your booking engine namely background image, amenities, Image for your logo, Direction and finally slider images. You can set up to five slider images for your booking engine.

To access Image Settings, navigate through Setup>> Advanced Basic Easy Webrez >> Image Settings in Menu.


1. Choose the Slider Images by clicking on Browse button. We can upload five Slider Images.

2. Similarly choose the corresponding images for Amenities, Logo, Direction and Background images.

3. Once finished click on Save Changes button.

Photo Gallery

The Photo Gallery feature allows you to add images of your property along with a related description. The uploaded images and description will be displayed in the Online Booking Engine. To access photo gallery, navigate through Setup>> Advanced Basic Easy Webrez >> Photo Gallery in Menu.


1. Click on the browse button to upload images of your property.

2. Write a description about your property in the “Paragraph” field.

3. Click on Save changes for your changes to reflect on your booking engine.