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Eik Release 8.0

  1. Gift Certificates

Gift certificate is a certificate issued by the Property to their guests who visit hotels often. It is like a debit card customer can make use of it while they visit hotels. It offers a fantastic selection of money – saving coupons by all favourite hotels, restaurants allowing them to enjoy a comfortable stay and dining without spending too much money. It saves money for the next visit to the restaurant with Gift Certificates.

Merits of Gift Certificates:

  • It offers money saving coupons to diners and business promotions services to restaurant owners. With the coupons, diners will be able to enjoy discounts on their next restaurant visit.
  • Coupon promotion services offer a great way for restaurant and Business owners to reach out to a brand new audience. They will find out these restaurants and feel enticed to give a visit.

Demerits of Gift Certificates:

  • It is non-refundable and cannot be redeemed or exchanged for cash, check or credit.

Uses of Gift Certificates

  • If the Gift Certificate had an amount greater than the purchased value which you have done, then a credit for the remaining amount will be placed on your file which can be used in future.
  • If your final invoice is greater than the value of your Gift Certificate you may pay the difference with cash, check, or credit card.

Friendly Usage of Gift Certificate through Easy Inn Keeping:

1.Getting Started with Easy Inn Keeping GO to the Menu Bar which is located at the top of the screen.

2.Click on Features →Gift Certificate Set Up

  1. Create Gift Certificate – Gift Certificates are issued by the Front Desk Executives to their guests.
  2. Front Desk Executives collect personal information from Guests as shown below:
  3. Click NEXT button as shown in the above image.
  4. Find some of the Gift Certificate Templates as shown below.
  • Gift Certificate Format

Gift certificate billing screen:

  1. In Billing screen the Gift Code and the amount and the other details are generated by default and Confirmation # pops up automatically which is right at the top above of the Gift Code
  • Find Existing Guest


  1. EasyInnKeeping automatically saves all guest details like Name, Email ID etc. This database helps in filling details of recurring guests.

After typing the Guest Name, Email ID click the magnifying glass and the system picks the corresponding guest details from the current view to future reservations.

  • Gift certificate Purchase print bill screen
  • Billing Screen

Step 1: Go to Setup- > Account type -> Payment -> gift certificate payment.

Step 2: User has to enter the gift certificate code and when 10 digits are enteredautomatically the status will be shown.

Step 3: If the status is outstanding the amount will be displayed in the amount text box which is shown below in the Billing page.

  • Billing page – Gift certification Redeemed / used before save

Step 4: Then click on the SAVE button and the Gift certificate code will be added in the billing list as mentioned in the screen below:

  • Billing page – Gift certification Redeemed / used After Save

If the Gift Certificate is not used before the Expiry Date, then the Gift Certificate cannot be used.

Find Gift Certificate Details

Guest can find Gift certificate Code details

  • Gift certificate Report

Step 1: To pull the Report Go to Easy InnKeeping → Menu bar → Reports

Financial Reports → Transaction Report

  • Gift Certificate Status:

Step 1: To know the status of the Gift Certificate → Go to EasyInn Keeping → Features → Gift Certificate Setup → Gift Certificate Report as shown in the image below:

  • When the gift certificate is sold by the property, the certificate status will be shown as Sold out or Outstanding in the gift certificate table under the Gift certificate Report.
  • When the gift certificate is used/ redeemed the status is shown as Used.
  • When the gift certificate date expires, the status is shown and reflects as expired.
  • According to the status, the gift certificate report will be generated.
  1. EWR Hourly Reservations

An hourly reservation in EasyInn Keeping is the same option adopted in Online booking. It is easy to use and is a friendly – user, safe to book the reservations through online and holds a greater convenience, efficiency to the guest. It is an application which supports reservation through online. It helps consumers to book hotels and other services through online. This is a much essential application for the hotel industry and it has become one of the fastest growing sales channels.

  • Advantages

Customers on the go can even make reservations on their smart phones or tablets. There is no need for lengthy phone calls or visits to hotels or to an agency — with just a few minutes and a click of the mouse, you’ll have all your plans finalized.


STEP 1: Setup→ Online Settings → Property Description, To enable the Online option

Check the boxes as per the screen mentioned below.

STEP 2: PMS have to opt for few procedures for booking through Online – PMS Settings.

Go to Setup →Unit Setup →fill the necessary details Unit name, Room Type, Start time, End time, Rate name column and Online room (yes) to be clicked and save changes.

STEP 3: Go to Setup→ Rate Setup→ Regular rates as clearly stated below fill the details and Save Rate Plan.

Step 1: While booking through “ONLINE” we can find the “Hourly Reservation “ menu in the right corner of the page, just CLICK on the Menu and you can find rooms available for hourly basis

Step 2: Next you can check the availability of rooms and fill the column details: the Arrival date, Start time, End Time, Total hours and No. of Guests and then click the “NEXT” button.

Step3: Next you can see the widget showing all the details filled and review the policies and just give a tick in the Check Box at the end of the page and click the NEXT button

Step 4: Fill all the *(asterisk) fields shown in the screen below. At the bottom of the page click the FINISH button.

Step 5: SAVE button.

  1. Stand Alone Guest Agreement

It is a form of a letter sent by the Properties to their guests to receive a specimen signature for evidence both from the direct and online booking guest. A specimen signature is an official “copy” that is kept on file and if needed in the future and can be used to validate if a signature is genuine.

In future, electronic signature capture for the mobile guest check-in allows guests to sign, check-in , receipts or registration cards using a tablet or Smartphone, speeding up the check-in process and reducing paper costs. Front desk personnel only need to log in to the GraceSoft PMS with a tablet or Smartphone to access this feature.

  • Faster check-in
  • Cuts paper and printing costs
  • Friendly Environment

STEP 1: Getting started with EasyInn Keeping Go to the Menu Bar which is at the top of the screen Reports → Letters → Create a Policy Letter in PMS.

Step 2) Go to the Full Reservation booking for the particular guest and CLICK on the Billing button at the bottom of the page.

Step 3) Click the Policy Signature button at bottom of the screen.

Two options will be displayed -> a) Local Rez System and b) Online booking.

The options are displayed for the properties for which the online booking engine is enabled. While selecting the Local Rez system, the front desk executives follow the process to get the signature from the clients using the hardware device.

Step 4: Online booking option, it will get into the page where they have to select the mail and Front Desk Executives should send along with the URL and agreement page in which the client will sign and send it back to the concerned property.

Step 5: Click the dropdown button as shown in the image shown below. Select a letter.

Step 6: After clicking you will find a screen as shown below. Click this URL to Sign and you will find a small box → Please Sign here

The guest signs in the above box and sends it back to the Property. This signature option allows properties to gather information before they arrive to the property agreeing to the terms and conditions at the time of the booking. Once the signature is captured, it will be updated and stored in the history tab of the reservations.

  • In Multiple Rate if you click “Yes” button, different rates are displayed. The properties can set or click any number of rates for a room type.
  • If they click “No” button, multiple Room Type rates will not be displayed.
  • SAVE button.

There is yet another option to set the rates through Yield Management. The rate setup in EasyInn Keeping reflects both in Single room (unit) and Room Types.

Step 3: In EasyInn Keeping Go to → Quick Reservation screen can see the rates at the right corner as image shown below. In unit setup all the rates selected are exhibited in both Quick and Full Reservation screen and images are laid down below.

  1. Multiple Rates in EWR Booking:

Step 1: Getting started with EasyInn Keeping Go to Setup >> Click Unit Setup as listed below:

In EasyInn Keeping the rate we shown or set the same reflects in EWR booking. The customers can view the multiple rates available for a single room. They can select rates accordingly to their wish. It saves their time and easily accessible.

The Online screen laid down below for better understanding.

  1. Unit Description in paragraphs and would like it to appear in paragraphs on the Booking Engine

Step 1: Getting started with EasyInn Keeping Go to Setup >> Click Unit Setup can find a screen below:

In a Unit Description column the properties will exhibit their ambience and just highlight the facilities they are providing in a particular unit.

STEP 2: Through EasyInn Keeping the Unit Description designed in such a manner the paragraph are spitted into two or three so it easily attracts the guest to read gist of the room and select room easily without any confusion.

STEP 3: In a same manner in Online Booking while checking the availability of rooms the guest can understand by reading unit description while booking.


→ Time Consuming

→ Guest need not unnecessarily have to contact hotels for further needs.

  1. Update Option in Daily Rate Chart

Step 1: Getting Started with EasyInn Keeping, Go to Menu Bar → Charts → Click Daily Rate Chart as per screen below:

Step 2: Select Edit button as shown in the screen below and modify the unit rate with a specified unit.

Step 3: After editing the unit rates click update button to finish task.

Step4: Save Button

Step 5: After finishing the task, the updated rate is pulled up in the Reservation screen and can locate the rate updated as shown arrow mark below.

  1. Yield Management

It is a set of yield maximization strategies and tactics meant to improve the profitability of certain businesses that focus on yield. It is complex because it involves several aspects of management control, including rate management, revenue streams management, and distribution channel management.

Yield management is multidisciplinary because it blends elements of marketing, operations, and financial management into a highly successful new approach. Yield management strategists frequently must work with one or more other departments when designing and implementing yield management strategies.

How to Increase Revenue in Hotels

Travellers will always need someplace to stay when out of town on business or on vacation. Make your hotel their preferred option by offering the right balance of customer service and price. Offer a unique environment or specialty services to differentiate yourself from the competition, and limit the number of rooms you offer at discounted rates. Consider hiring an expert in hotel revenue management to study your operations and identify areas in which you can increase revenue, as well as provide associated training to your staff.

Use by Industry:

Hotels use this system in largely to calculate the rates, rooms and restrictions on sales in order to best maximize their return. These systems measure constrained and unconstrained demand along with pace to gauge which restrictions to implement, e.g. length of stay, non-refundable rate, or close to arrival.

Yield management teams in the hotel industry have evolved tremendously over the last 10 years and in thisglobal economytargeting the right distribution channels, controlling costs, and having the right market mix plays an important role in yield management. Yield management in hotels is selling rooms and services at the right price, at the right time, to the right people.

Step: 1 Getting Started with EasyInn Keeping >>Go to Setup >> Yield Management

Step: 2 Click a button and see the screen below

Easy Inn Keeping is designed in such a manner the properties can opt any three methods so that they can increase their yield according to the demand and supply.

Last Minute Deal

Occupancy Rate

Free Night Stay

Step: 3 Go to Date Bar you can see the screen a Rule Title, Start Date, End Date, Lead Days and % of Base Rate .

  1. Rule Title type as Christmas Deal
  2. Start Date type as 12/01/2015
  3. End Date type as 12/31/2015
  4. Lead (Days) type as three days means guest as to book the units 3 days before or if they book during Xmas the hotel rates increases gradually say 200 or 300% than the regular rate.

For Eg: A unit rate is $150 and if a customer comes to book a room on 12/24/2015, unit rate is $150 will be higher than the regular rate. Due to peak season, guest pay the amount $150 instead he pay $300 or $450.

  1. SAVE the button.

Properties just push the rates higher in order to earn an income. In such a situation the Properties opt tricky way called as “ LAST MINUTE DEAL” .

Occupancy Bar:

Step : 4 If you opt OccupancyBar Click Occupancy Button. The procedure follows as per below

  1. Rule Title type as 95% occupied
  2. Start Date type as 12/25/2015
  3. End Date type as 01/10/2016
  4. Room Occupancy type as 95%

For Example: The rooms will be occupied by the guest in the property say 95% , the balance percentage the properties will try to hike prices may be double rate with the regular rate to earn a profit according to a demand.

  1. % of Base Rate type as 200
  2. SAVE button.

Flexible Rate Bar:

Step 5: If you go for Flexible Rate, Click Flexible Rate button. The procedure follows as below,

  1. Rule Title type as Book within 2 days 20% discount ( Morning Breakfast free for one day)
  2. Start Date type as 12/30/2015
  3. End Date type as 12/31/2015
  4. Actual Stay type as one day (1)
  5. Type :

Free Night Stay Discount

Some guests are quite flexible with their travel schedule and they may want to stay extra night or two. In such a situation the Properties provides an attractive offers to their guests called “Free Night Stay”.

Secondly offering guest 50% discount for additional night, in such a situation guest pay unit charge less than a normal rate for extra day. During off season or in peak season the properties will stabilize their income by giving discounts or increasing the prices to their guest .

SAVE button

  1. Meaning of Global Distribution System:

A worldwide computerized reservation network used as a single point of access for reserving, airlines, hotel rooms and other travel related items. The premier global distribution systems are Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre and Worldspan. They are owned and operated as joint ventures by major airlines and hotel groups. Also called automated reservation system (ARS) or computerized reservation system (CRS).

In this competitive and confusing scenario, the GDS network has surfaced as the undisputed answer. Hotels that are plugged into the GDS are ensured of their room nights being distributed across the biggest hotel booking resource. However, the GDS interface can be very challenging for hoteliers. The sheer volume of Travel Agents and competing hotels means that managing your room nights across the GDS can be very time consuming.

Significance of GDS:

It is very important to be on the GDS because this information is the only information travel agents will see. Also, the portal travel sites are usually the first places guests will go to search for their next vacation. The more visible you are on the internet the more reservations you will acquire.

GDS Code Optimization:

Code optimization is a set of methods of code modification to improve code quality and efficiency. A program may be optimized so that it becomes of a smaller size, consumes less memory, executes more rapidly, or performs fewer input/output operations.

It executes the work more rapidly, or is capable of operating with less memory storage or other resources, or draw less power.

  • An optimization must preserve the meaning of a program.
  • Cannot change the output produced for any input .
  • Cannot introduce an error
  • Transformation should be worth the effort.
  1. Offline Data
  • The Offline Data is used when there is internet outage the Properties can opt this method to prepare the reservation without any further delay.
  • Step 1: Go To EasyInn Keeping → Menu Bar → File → Offline Data. Find the screen listed below:
  • Step 2 : An excel file will be opened. Click New reservation given in the middle (box type) of the excel.
  • Step 3: A Quick Reservation screen will be opened in the Offline Data, book the reservation and SAVE button.
  • STEP 4 : In the same excel file Click “New Reservation” as arrow mark shown below and can fetch the details of reserved units.
  • STEP 5: Save the Excel file.
  • STEP 6 : Choose the excel file. The datas stored in excel file will be moved to EasyInn Keeping through Import from Excel as image shown below.
  • STEP 7: Go to Easy Inn Keeping → Menu Bar → Reservation → Quick Reservation. Through Easy Inn Keeping can find the reserved details in Quick Reservation as shown below.