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Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes

Offline Data

The date format should be MM/DD/YYYY and the separator should be (/).


Right Click Menu

The compatibility for Right Click Menu in the Monthly Availability Chart has been fixed in Chrome. The menu will now appear when you right click on the reservation.


Condo Changes

All the Condo Owner Names in the dropdown list have been arranged alphabetically. Under Condo>> Condo Maintenance Owner Name, Room Name, Created Date fields, “Sorting” feature have been fixed. Now we can sort the names by both the ascending and descending order.

Auto Emails not sending for EWR Reservations

Auto Emails which are not sending while booking on Online Booking engine bug has been fixed. Now we can send the Auto Emails from EWR without any difficulties.

Group Booking Guest Notes

The guest notes in the Group Booking screen have been fixed. Now we can save the notes using special character also.

Issues with loading EWR

Loading EWR from the client website bug has been fixed.

EWR Property Confirmation Email

In the Confirmation Email which came from EWR, at the bottom of the email “Book again from (property name and hyperlink to the property website)” has been fixed. Now if you click on the “Book Again Hyperlink” it will navigate to the property’s website instead of navigation to the GRACESOFT website.

EWR V2 Wrong Price Display

When the Extra Person Charges are added, the charge amount will be shown exactly in the show policy page.

Blank Confirmation Email

The issue of receiving Blank Confirmation Email from Online Booking engine has been fixed.

Multi Room Booking

Saving “Credit Card Number” and “No. of Children” field in Multi Room Booking bug has been fixed.

Right Click Check Out

In Monthly Calendar, the right click “Checkout” bug has been fixed. Now if the reservation has any amount due and attempted to checkout, a popup will be displayed that “You are trying to checkout this reservation, Amount due 2182.25 is pending. Do you want to continue?”

EWR Deposit Requirement

When setting up the Deposit Type, and selecting "No Deposit Required" and amount set to zero, the booking engine still collects the full deposit amount has been fixed. Now it will not take any amount if “No Deposit Required” option is choosed.

While trying to access the EWR widget from the property website and navigating to the EWR Booking Engine, property’s background image not visible bug has been fixed.

Reservation Rules
When adding a reservation rule, the “effect from date” on the reservation rule display, in international date format instead of US date format bug has been fixed.

  • EWR Background Image
  • GDS – Cancellations update

The cancellation process in and Expedia bug has been fixed. We can cancel the and Expedia Reservations.

No. of Kids Calculation in Multi Room Booking

In Multi Room Booking, the No. of Kids field will also calculate the Extra Person Charges.

Auto housekeeping implementation in EWR

Ability to have the Auto Housekeeping charge added to online reservations.

Auto lock in Unit Setup

This is related to the “Auto Lock” feature in the unit setup. The issue was, if you unblock a related unit, it did not unblock in other units. This Bug has been fixed.

GDS – Room Type Closes Issue

Room type closing and opening for GDS Booking has been fixed.

Minimum Nights Display in EWR

When booking for less than certain nights “Minimum Nights Message” will be displayed.

Allowing Zero in Amount Field

We can set the “Zero” value for the payment in the Billing Screen. We can enable/disable this feature under Features>> Option Settings>> Allow Zero in Amount Field.