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New Features

New Features

  1. Updated UI (User Interface)
  1. Overall Design

The New UI gives the software a fresh new look, while keeping the general layout and flow of using the software similar to the older version making the transition smooth to the New UI.


  1. Mobile Compatible

The new UI is using “BootStrap” framework. The bootstrap framework allows the software to be responsive to the device the user is using. Meaning, that application will display in a format that is compatible to the screen size you are using at the time. There are still certain areas of the software that we need to optimize to work better on mobile devices, but this gives us the basic foundation. Feel free to share any areas on the software that could be updated for more efficient use on mobile devices.

  1. Property Name Displayed

The property name has been added to the upper left corner of the software, making it easy for multiple properties to identify which system they are using.


  1. Menu Bar Update

The entire drop down menus have been updated to display items in alphabetical order making it easier for the user, to find the right item.


  1. Auto Daily Backup Report

The daily backup report can now be emailed to the property automatically on a daily basis. You can have the system send a backup of reservations for today, the next 7 days, or the next 250 days. Once you receive the email, you can click on the link to download the report. This is recommended to be completed on a daily basis to ensure you have a copy of the most recent backup, in case you have an issue with your internet or there is an unexpected issue with our software, The auto email option can be set by going to the Features Menu >> Option Settings and then select the particular backup option from the dropdown menu.


  1. Multi Property Search option in Easy WebRez Booking Engine

A “NEW” feature for multiple property setups that will display an option to search availability of a sister property when no availability is found at the current property for guest’s booking online. When enabling this feature (Only if the property has the multi property feature), your guest will get an option to search for availability at your sister property. Multi Property Search can be enabled under Setup>>Advanced Easy Webrez>>Property Rates.


  • Easy InnKeeping Settings
  • Easy WebRez Booking Engine Display


  1. Optional Custom Thank You Page In Easy WebRez

A Feature that allows your guest to end up back on your website instead of the default thank you page on the booking engine. After the completion of the Reservation in Online Easy WebRez, you can assign your preferred Website page to display instead of showing the default “Thank You Page”. This option can be made under Setup>>Advanced Easy Webrez >> Property Rates.


  1. Room Lock feature for the Quick Reservation Screen

In new UI we can select the multiple rooms byjust clicking on the checkbox instead of selecting(CTRL + Click) on that particular room.


  1. Dashboard

The home page of the new UI has added a “Dashboard” feature in which it gives you the status of your property.