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Updated Functionality

Updated Functionality

  1. Reservation Status Legend Updated

The Status Colour legend has been updated to the top of the calendar screen and now includes a summary of the total reservation listed for each status for the current date, giving you a summary of the current day’s reservations and availability. The housekeeping status is still listed at the bottom of the page.


Alert Messages Option

Saving a Reservation

  • After completion of the reservation an alert message will be popup that “You successfully saved this Reservation” in the Reservation Screen.


Leaving a Page

  • When leaving a page without saving changes, an alert message will be displayed to “Stay on Page” or “Leave Page. This feature prevent users from closing a screen by mistake that they meant to update, but did not save their changes.


– The display alert option can be enabled/disabled under Features>>Option Settings and then click on Display Alert Messages. Click onYes” to display the Alert and click on “No” to disable the Alert.


  1. Full Name & Guest Count Display Option on Monthly Chart
  • Full Name” (First Name and Last Name) along with “No. of Guest” can be displayed in the Monthly Charts.


  • The display of Full Name & Guest Count can be enabled/disabled under Features>>Option Settings in the Black Menu, then select Set Name to be displayed as “Full Name & Guest Count” from the dropdown.


  1. Quick, Full, and Group Reservations are combined
    The Quick, Full, and Group Reservation screens can now be accessed through one screen. Allowing you the ability to easily switch between the different screens as needed. The system will still display your preferred screen by default. We can switch between these three reservation screens by clicking on the tabs located on the top of the reservation window.


  1. Same Day Reservation setting in EWR
    The Property can be active when the “Same day reservation” option is selected. The same day setting can be enabled under Setup>>Advanced Easy Inn Keeping>>Property Rates.


  1. Multiple Email Option for Reservations

You can now send multiple emails from the reservation screen. Simply enter multiple emails separated with only a Comma (,) in-between the Email ID’s.


  1. PayPal Masspay Option

Allows “Non United States” client to integrate the “PayPal” payment gateway option even if PayPal does not support this option for your country. (Additional fees apply).

  1. Reservations Through OTA Report

In Reservations, through OTA Reports few more New Fields have been added. They are OTA#, Address, City, State, Country, Zip Code, Phone, and No. of Guest


  1. Tax Report
  • A New Field “Tax Exempt Amount” is added in the Tax Report. This field will give you the amount of tax that was exempted. “Tax Exempt” feature is enabled through the Billing Screen of the reservation.


  • To view the Tax Exempt amount in this field, you must Tick the “Tax Exempt” option in the Billing Screen.


  1. Option to control the Policy Display

We updated the options on the Policy settings page. You can now turn on/turn off the different policies display on the booking engine versus your printed invoice. The policy setting can be updated by going to Setup>>Advanced Easy Innkeeping >>Policies.


The policy screen is shown below, where we can add the policies by clicking on “Add Policy” button.


  1. E-signature and Invoice Print in History page

The Guest E-Signature and Invoice print can be tracked in the History tab. By clicking on the printed E-Signature or Invoice print name in the history screen, the printed page will be displayed.


  1. Reservation Notes Functionality
  • A New option to include your reservation notes on the printed invoice is available.. This option can be enabled by going to Features >> Option Settings>> Billing Settings.
  • Update the required text that can be stored and viewed in both the reservation notes and guest notes section. In addition, you can drag the lower right corner of the notes box to enlarge the viewing area.