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Eik Release 9.1.1

Detailed Value of Service

When clicking on “Display result” of detailed value of service report error producing bug has been fixed.

Access Levels

An employee which has “Permission Denied” access level rights can able to make changes in billing screen bug has been fixed.


When editing any amenity and if that amenity is assigned to a unit, after editing it will be removed from the unit bug has been fixed.

Quick Reservation Discount adding Multiple Times

When making a reservation for two different rooms with room discount added and making a room to be deleted in the Full Reservation screen and opening the same reservation in Quick Reservation and perform any changes in the reservation will add room discount in the billing and history screen bug has been fixed.

Custom Labels in Thank You Booking Page in EWR

If you try to change the custom labels for Home phone, work phone, Cell phone and Email id will not change in thank you booking page bug has been fixed.

Bulk Email

When trying to send a bulk Email with subject name same as letter name then the content is not showing up bug has been fixed.

EWR Slider

In EWR, when using the template5 a blank slider will be display after the five slider with images moves over bug has been fixed.

Minimum Number of Nights EWR

When minimum number of nights is assigned in seasonal rates are not affected in the EWR without showing any error message bug has been fixed. Now if the number of nights does not match with seasonal minimum number of stay then it will display a message.


When a reservation has made for a different rate by changing the default, then while trying to send a letter that contains rates field, error will be produced and this bug has been fixed.

Find Reservation Online Reservation Cancel

In find reservation page, we can now cancel the online bookings by simply clicking on the “Online Booking” and click on find button. On the right side, cancel button will be located where we can cancel the online reservations

No Deposit Requirement in Easy WebRez

When “No Deposit Required” is set as Deposit type in PMS, still the reservation amount needs to paid bug has been fixed. Now if “No Deposit Required” is deposit amount will be zero in online booking EWR.

Quick Reservation Total Paid

When the amount is filled in the amount field and try to change the number of guest and number of children then extra amount will be added to the reservation bug has been fixed.

EWR Editor

When opening the editor by default, the first template is selected instead of selecting the template which has selected in PMS bug has been fixed. When clicking on save only header only will be saving bug has been fixed. Now the entire page will be saved. Any labels which are changed in EWR editor will not be changing in the PMS bug have been fixed.