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Eik Release 9.1.1

  1. PMS – Color themes

We can change the theme of the PMS software under Features >> Option Settings >> Color Settings in the main menu.



You can change the theme from the list which is mentioned above or else you can also choose the default color.


  1. Bulk Blocking

We can make bulk blocking the rooms in the monthly chart by dragging over multiple cells of a selected room and right click on the cell and then click on “Block”. The selected rooms will be blocked.


  1. Easy Setup Wizard

Easy Setup Wizard is a feature that will allow the reseller to easily access the all setup pages by simply clicking on next button. Initially, the reseller will be given an easy setup wizard link which can be used only one time. After entering the link, enter the reseller ID and click on “verify” button. 



  • After creating the setup step by step, it will navigates to the “Room Listing” page at last and then finally click on “Finish” button. It will navigate to the PMS login page where you can enter the property short name, login name and password that were created in “Add Property” which is shown above. After login into the property, the setup details whatever created in the wizard will be shown in the property.


  1. Auto Markup- Axis Rooms

Auto Markup feature will add a certain percentage of amount of the room rate (Regular and Seasonal) in the PMS and the added amount will be shown in the Axis Rooms. So the Auto Markup rate in the Axis Rooms will be higher than the normal rate in the PMS. The Auto Markup rates can be fixed in the Regular and Seasonal Rates.


  1. CRM – Quote field

Quotes Field is used to add the enquire details from the leads about the products like the product version and products pricing and other additional product purchases that are made.

crm-quote-details crm-quote-fieldcrm-quote-details

When sending marketing email, Quotes details can also be added by editing the letter in the marketing letters (Email Template >> Marketing Letters >> edit) and add the quotes details fields into the letter which is shown below: