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Cloud PMS

Easy InnKeeping is Cloud Based and this means you need not worry about maintaining IT infrastructure.


Easy InnKeeping PMS streamlines all the critical hotel operations like front desk reservations, OTA & online booking sync, managing seasonal rates, housekeeping and generating reports.


Securely login to Easy InnKeeping CLOUD from anywhere that has an internet connection. If you are operating from different locations, there is no need to be synchronizing data.

Online Booking Engine

Set up a commission free online booking engine and showcase your property, rooms, amenities and more. The online booking engine is integrated with secure payments gateways through which you can let your guests make a reservation online. Your guests will receive an automatic confirmation email once they make a reservation.

The best part is that the front desk rates and availability and the online booking engine rates and availability are in sync all the time thus eliminating the possibilities of overbooking.


Promo codes

Easy InnKeeping lets you generate and send promo codes to your guests lists. Your guest can enter the promo codes online and avail the offer and make a reservation.


All screen optimised

The online Booking Engine is all screen optimised. Your guest can book through pcs, laptops, phones and tablet devices.

Channel Manager

Channel manager and OTA integration helps you expand your reach.
With our channel manager integration you can sync your property’s real time rates and availability with the following OTAs.

Seasonal Rates

Managing seasonal rates should not be a headache. It’s in the best interest of the Hotelier to sell rooms at the optimum rate; but this can be missed if there is a disconnect between the management, staff , OTAs and the reservation system.

Set up custom rates by days, dates and seasons and remain in complete sync with the frontdesk, booking engines and OTAs.

Email Confirmations

Send your guests an automatic email confirmation once they make a reservation. This will give them a sense of assurance that the reservation has been made.

You can also send your guests personalized birthday and anniversary greetings.

Group Bookings

The Group Booking feature in Easy InnKeeping is ideal for blocking rooms for a group that is checking in and checking out on the same date. Blocked rooms will appear in the Reservation Charts and calendar screens under the group name, until individual guests are assigned.

Reports and Analytics


The Home Dashboard is a great way to get a glimpse of what is happening in your property.
Some of the key info that appear on the Dashboard include arrivals, departures and recent bookings from all sources, rooms blocked, occupancy and vacancy.


Easy Innkeeping reports make your hotel staff more available to serve for guests.
The reports include PMS system activity log reports, audits reports, marketing reports, guest reports, finance reports. Inventory reports and travel agent commissions.

Custom report builder

You can also build custom reports templates and generate them whenever you need. All of these reports can be exported as Excel sheets, text and XML.

Access Levels

Different levels of rights and software accessibility can be setup using this feature. For instance, you can restrict rate setup pages from front desk trainees.


Save Guest profile information. Fetch them whenever required. Send them personalised promotional emails and wishes.

Calendar views

Easy Innkeeping allows you to view up to 30 days reservation and  availability at a glance using the monthly calendar view.

Also available: Daily calendar, weekly calendar.