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Group Booking

The Group Booking feature provides a way to first Block, then Reserve multiple rooms under one single invoice. They are best managed from the Group Booking List, not the Calendar. To access the Group Booking List, go to Reservations>>Group Booking. Existing Groups can be edited here by clicking on the Group Name, or new Groups can be added by clicking on the Add button.

General Tab
1. Fill in the Guest Details of the Main Group Contact or select from the existing Guest List.
2. Enter Payment Details (Credit Card info, Cash Payment, etc.)
3. Group Code is generated automatically and cannot be changed.
4. Give the Group a Group Name. For example, “Jones Wedding”, or “Smith Family Reunion”.
5. Select Arrival Date and Departure Date.
6. Enter any relevant Notes about the Group or the Guests
7. The Online Booking setting, when “Yes” is selected, enables you to give the Main Group Contact a special link to the Booking Engine that, along with the Group Code, will show only the dates and Blocked Rooms for the Group. This lets them book their own rooms.
8. Click “Save” to proceed to the next step.

Blocked Rooms Tab

The Blocked Rooms tab is where the units that are set aside for this Group Booking are specified. They can be blocked all at once or individually.

9. Select the first Unit to be blocked.
10. The Default Rate for that Unit will be automatically selected, but can be changed to any Rate in the Regular Rates List.
11. Enter the Number of Guests. This is the number of guests for that room, NOT the total number of guests for the Group.
12. Click Save and repeat the steps for the next Unit.

NOTE: If you are giving all of the Units to be blocked their Default Rates, you can Block multiple Units by holding the CTRL key down while clicking on the different Units.

13. Once the Blocks are in place, they can be Edited (Pencil icon) or Deleted (Trash Can Icon)

The Group Blocks now show on the Calendar in a different color (light blue) than the normal Room Blocs (black).

Reservations Tab

Any Reservations made via the Online Booking Engine link or made manually will show on the Reservations Tab. To make a Group Reservation manually:

14. Open the Group Booking and click on the Reservations Tab. Click the Add button.

15. The Guest section will automatically populate with the Main Group Contact’s information. It can be changed by typing the correct information OR using the Guest Search (magnifying glass) icon to pick from the existing Guest List

16. Only the Units that are Blocked for that Group will show in the list of available Units. Pick the appropriate Unit and Save the Reservation.

Group Billing

The Group Billing screen shows the invoice for the entire Group Booking. To access the Group Billing screen, open the Group Booking from the Group Booking List, and click on the Billing button at the bottom of the General Tab.

17. Just like the Billing screen of a regular reservation, any Payments or Extra Charges can be added in the Group Billing screen.
18. Reserved Room Charges, Extra Charges, and any Payments will show in the “Group Reserved Rooms” section.
19. Any Units that are Blocked, but not Reserved will show in the “Group Blocked Rooms” section.

Individual Billing

In some scenarios, the party responsible for the Group wants to pay for a portion of the booking, and have the members of the Group pay for other portions, OR one of the members of the Group wants to pay their room charge or incidentals separately from the Group Total bill, there is a feature called “Individual Billing”.

20. Under the “Reservation Details” section, check the box “Individual Bill”. This will remove that Reservation from the “Group Reserved Rooms” section.

Note the totals BEFORE Individual Bill is checked:

Now see the totals AFTER Individual Bill is checked on one Reservation

21. Click on the Billing button next to the “Individual Bill” check box. This will open the Billing screen of that reservation ONLY, and Payment can be made.