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Auth Only / Stored payment method


A type of sale transaction that creates a pending transaction in a cardholder’s account that can be settled at a later date. Authorization only, or auth only, transactions typically expire after 30 days automatically if the transaction is not completed.

When a customer makes a purchase using a credit or debit card, a request is made to the card issuer in order to obtain approval to process the transaction. This is referred to as authorization. The purpose of this authorization is to create a pending transaction that reserves a portion of the customer’s available credit, though the transaction itself is not fully processed.

For example, Hotels may charge a fee to cover potential incidentals during a customer’s stay. If the customer doesn’t use room service then this fee will be returned.



  1. To enable the Authorization Only feature, Go to Setup >> Accounts >> Credit Card in the main menu.

  1. Choose the Authorize.Net option from the dropdown list, enter the API Login ID & Transaction Key which is given by Authorize.Net and Tick the “Auth Only” checkbox and click “Save” button.

Note: Only integration with Authorize.Net can avail the “Authorization Only” feature. Also this feature is available for Easy InnKeeping PMS alone.

  1. In the “Billing Screen” of Quick Reservation and Full Reservation screens, Enter the details of the credit card, authorize amount and click on the “Auth Only” button.

  1. Once it is “Authorized-Only” a separate box for authorization-only will be displayed. The authorized-only amount will be hold on for 30 days. After 30 days, the amount will be voided automatically to the card holder account. Expire date can be viewed on “Authorize Expired On”. The Authorized-Only amount will not added to the billing screen until it has been captured.

  1. To process the “Authorized-Only” amount click on the “Capture” button.

  1. Enter the amount to be processed and click on “OK” button. You can also process the partial amount and the remaining amount will get voided/ returned to the card holder’s account.

  1. The processed amount will be added to the regular billing row.

  1. To return the Authorized-Only amount to the card holder click on “Void” button. It will show under “Return Amount” and show returned date in “Authorize Expired On”.