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The Monthly Availability Calendar shows a list of all the units in your property and all reservations for the current month.

Note: Room Name view is shown for these instructions. Room Type view is described below.

To access Monthly Availability Calendar, click on the Calendar icon in the Icon Bar.

Calendar Navigation

Month/Date Selection

1. At the top of the Calendar screen, you can navigate to different dates. By selecting a particular Month (September is chosen below), the Calendar view will switch automatically to that particular month, without having to press “Go”.
2. A virtual calendar (09/10/2018) is displayed next to the Month drop down and will go directly to the chosen date by pressing the “Go” button

Navigation Buttons

1. Clicking on the Today button will instantly switch the Calendar View to the current date.
2. The “>>30” button moves the calendar forward 30 days.
3. The “<<30” button moves the calendar back 30 days.

4. The “>7” button moves the calendar forward 7 days.
5. The “<7” button moves the calendar back 7 days.

6. The Print Preview button will print the current Calendar View

7. The green Add Reservation button will open a new reservation. The new reservation will open in either Quick Reservation mode, or Full Reservation mode, depending on which is selected in Default Settings>>Set Default Reservation to

Status Colors

At the bottom of the Calendar View are the legends for the Status colors. The reservations on the Calendar will display the status of the reservation in the cell with their respective Reservation Status colors, and the cells on the calendar will show the respective Housekeeping Status colors.

Status colors can be changed under Setup>>Advanced>>Room Status.

Housekeeping Status is the first tab, and Reservation Status is the second tab.

Book Now
1. By hovering the mouse pointer on a cell it will automatically change to Book Now in green.
2. When clicking on Book Now, it will open the reservation window, and the new reservation will automatically populate the day and unit that was clicked on in the Calendar View.

Booked Reservation

1. By hovering the mouse pointer on a Booked Reservation, the “Tool Tip” bubble will pop up wth the details of the Guest and the reservation details :

2. By clicking on a Booked Reservation, it will open the reservation page where we can make changes to the reservation if necessary.

Right Click Menu

By right clicking on a reservation in the Calendar View, a list of options will be shown.

1. “Move” will move the reservation from one date to another date. After clicking on Move, the system will ask you to confirm. Click “OK”. Then right click on the date you are moving the reservation to and click on Replace. It will ask you to confirm again. Click “OK”.

NOTE: The reservation can be moved from one Room Type to different Room Type as long as the settings under Setup>>Default Settings >> Chart Settings>> Move Reservation With Old Room Rate is set to “Yes”.

1. The “Status” of the reservation can be changed from the Right Click Menu. Confirmed, Check in, Check out, Fully Paid and Non Paid. After selecting the Status from the Right Click Menu, the reservation will change to that Status color on the calendar.
2. “Modify” will enter the Reservation screen to modify the reservation.
3. “Delete” will delete the reservation. Once deleted, it cannot be retrieved later.
4. “Cancel” will initiate the cancellation process. By clicking on Cancel, Cancellation screen will be displayed where the Cancellation Charge can be added. Once the cancellation amount is entered, click on the Cancel button. The Close button will abort the cancellation process.

5. The “Housekeeping Status” can also be set from the Right Click Menu to let the housekeeping staff know whether the room needs attention.

6. “View Guest Info” will open the Guest record to view/modify guest details.

7. “Print Bill” will print the Billing Screen (Invoice)

8. “Payments & Charges” will open the Billing Screen in order to make payments or add charges to the guest’s invoice.

9. “Letters” will open the Send Letter dialog that will allow you to send any of the Reservation Letters to that guest. Select the letter you want to send from the drop down and press “Send Email

Multi Room/Date Reservation

Multi Room/Date Reservations can be made by simply dragging the mouse pointer along the room/date cells in the Calendar View, right clicking on one of the selected cells and choose Book Now. Note that the selected cells are now Red instead of Green.

1. Enter the guest details in the Guest Information section.
2. Enter No. of Adults and Children.
3. Select the appropriate Status of the reservation and enter any Notes that are needed.
4. Make any payments in Payment Details.
5. At the bottom is a list of the rooms that have been selected, along with individual pricing.
6. Once done click on Save button.

Monthly Availability Calendar – Room Type View
1. Monthly Availability Calendar by Room Type will show the view by Room Type. It can be changed for the current session or it can be set as the default view.
2. To make it the default view, go to Setup>>Basic>>Default Settings>>Page Settings>> Calendar View and change the drop down to “Room Type” and click on Save.

3. To change the Calendar View from Room Name to Room Type (or vice versa) for that session only, click the drop down menu located in the top right of the window

4. Once in the Room Type view, the Room Types can be expanded to show the units under them, or collapsed to only show a count of the available rooms.

5. There is also a Filter drop-down to select a single Room Type to view

6. The top row shows the number of rooms available for that day, which is accurate whether the row is expanded or collapsed.

Other Calendar Views

Both calendar views (Room Name AND Room Type) have Bi-Weekly, Daily, and Hourly views in addition to the Monthly View. They are selected by the icons in the upper right corner.

Note: If your internet connection is slow, or you have other performance issues loading the Monthly Calendar View, we recommend trying the Bi-Weekly View, which shows 14 days of availability.

OTA Calendar

The OTA Calendar shows the exact Rates and Availability that are being communicated to the OTA’s when data is pushed. This is also where the Open/Close Rooms order is sent to the OTA’s.

To access the OTA Calendar, from the Default Calendar View, click the drop down menu located in the top right of the window and select “OTA Calendar”.

This view has three columns to the right of the 7-day Availability grid. The first column shows the list of active Room Types, with the names as they appear in the PMS setup. The second column has an OTA filter to select either or Expedia and it shows the Room Types that are mapped to that OTA and the names as they appear on the OTA’s setup page. The third column shows how many Units are assigned to that Room Type.


The 7-Day Availability grid shows the number of Units available for that day, along with the price that is set for that day (from Rate Setup). This is the information that is communicated to the OTA’s. If there are no units available for that Room Type, the squares on the grid will be black.

To completely Close any or all Room Types, right click on the numbers in one of the white spaces on the grid and select Open/Close Rooms.

NOTE: There is no need to push any Rates OR Availability. The Open/Close gets communicated to the OTA’s automatically.


1. Select which OTA you are closing the Room Types for. If Closing for both OTA’s, choose “ and Expedia”
2. Select the Room Type you are Closing. If closing all of them, start with the first one in the list and repeat this process for each Room Type.
3. Select the Date Range that you are Closing the Room Types for
4. Check the days of the week that are included in the Date Range. If it is longer than 7 days, select “All Days”.
5. Click “Save Room Type”

A line item will be added for each Room Type you Close. If you decide to Open the Room Type before the End Date of the Close order, click the Open link to the far right.

Daily Rate Calendar

The Daily Rate Calendar provides a way to view exactly what rate is being charged for each Unit on any given date. While the rates can be edited here, GraceSoft strongly recommends that Rate Setup and Seasonal Rates are used to adjust the Rates instead. Each edit in the Daily Rate Calendar will create a new Seasonal Rate and may cause issues with existing Seasonal Rates.

To access the Daily Rate Calendar, from the Default Calendar View, click the drop down menu located in the top right of the window and select “Daily Rate Calendar”.

NOTE: The Daily Rate Calendar opens in a pop-up window. If it does not open, check your browser’s pop-up blocker settings.

The column on the left shows the Room Name with the Rate Name in parenthesis next to it. Each box on the grid shows the rate that is charged for that date (including any weekend surcharges). There is a Print button at the bottom for your convenience.


NOTE: If any changes are made in the Daily Rate Chart, ALL Units with that same Rate Name assigned to them will also change.