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Easy WebRez Booking Engine

Easy WebRez Booking Engine 

Setting up an Online Booking Engine link on your web site, can be done by loading all your content, photos and description in the Easy innkeeping Setup screens. STEP 1.  SETTING ONLINE BOOKING PREFERENCES
By default, your search page will include the following options:


Before activating your online reservations link, please review the following items and settings.
Property Info
1. Go to Setup>Basic>Property Info
2. Enter the email here that will receive notification of all online bookings.
Unit Definitions
1. Go to Setup>Basic>Unit Setup
2. Select Upload Picture to display any photos on your web pages. (Upload yourself from Unit Setup. File = JPG)
3. Unit Description and amenities will automatically display.
4. For each room you want to make available for online reservations, select “Yes” next to Online Room.
5. Enter the Max. Occupancy.  Save


1. Go to Setup>Advanced>Policies. 2. All policies entered here will display under “Terms and Policies” link in the online reservation pages.3. Be sure to click Display on Easy WebRez and Save Changes.
Credit Card Payments
1. Please go to Set Up>Accounts>Credit Card2. Select all Credit Card types accepted for Online Bookings3. For payment options for Easy WebRez, complete your preference for Credit Card Validation•• Stripe• PayPal• CC Avenue• Validation (Credit card number required, but not processed)• No Validation (no credit card required to book online)

Deposits & Discounts:

To define deposit required, and special discounts or promotions1. Go to Setup>Web Booking>Advanced Easy WebRez2. Click on Booking Engine Settings3. Select Discount Requirements if you want to offer a special for guests booking online• Define the dates the discount will be made available• Discount is used for a percentage or Flat Discount for a flat amount.• Online promo or Advanced Promo can be applied by requiring the guest to enter a code to receive a discount made available to a certain group of guests only4. Define Deposit Payment Requirements • Number of Nights• Percent of Stay• No Deposit required• Full Amount of Stay
In the next Setup section, you will define many of your color theme and graphical display of the Easy WebRez Online Booking pages.
Loading Images, Background templates and Header Display
1. Go to Setup>Web Booking>Basic Easy WebRez>Online Templates to select a template for your Online Booking pages.
2. Go to Setup>Online Settings>Image Settings to load photos that will create an inviting display to your guests booking online.• Background image• Logo Image (will display in the header)• Direction Image (map)• Slider Image (Scrolling images from the main page)

Customizing Content and Booking Forms
1. Go to Setup>Web Booking>Advanced Easy WebRez>Dynamic Text. This includes a listing of Headers for online booking pages and forms. Any new headers entered here, will immediately display online.  The “Thank You” entry will display on the final page when a guest books online.2. Go to Setup>Web Booking>Advanced Easy WebRez>Information Direction to load instructions to  your guest on how to locate your property.
Preview of Online Booking page
After all your content and images are loaded, you are ready to Preview your Online Booking page.
1. Go to Setup>Web Booking>Basic Easy WebRez>Online Booking Link2. Your Online Booking page will open in a new browser window.  3. Once you are satisfied with the display, you can insert this link to your very own web site, and begin inviting your guests to book online!