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Group Booking

  1. Group code feature is used to book multiple rooms for a range of dates and make a single person to pay all the billings. You can select from existing group code and also can create new group code under Reservation>>Group booking.

  1. Enter the Guest basic details such as First name, Last name, Address and Email ID in this block. If the guest is already in the guest list then enter the first and last name and click on TAB. The details of the guest will be popup and click on that guest name.



Status & Auto Email

  1. Status gives the details about what will be the current status of the booking which going to be.

  1. Checkbox the “Auto Email” feature if you needs to send the auto email automatically according to the setup which has been created under Setup>> Advanced Easy InnKeeping>> letters>> Reservation letters>> Auto Email.

  1. Status can be viewed in Charts>> Monthly Calendar. The Reservation status bar shows the “Reservation status” and in the chart the color of the status will be displayed.

  1. Auto Email status can be seen under Quick Reservation>>History tab.

Note: We can toggle into next tab only after saving the Stay Info tab otherwise the details won’t save and displays an alert message which is given below:

  • Assign Rooms Tab
  1. In assign rooms multiple rooms of multiple dates can be reserved.
  2. From and to dt will tell about the duration of days where customer going to stay.
  3. Unit names drop down will display the available rooms on that particular day and Rates drop down will display the rates according to the rooms.

  1. The counts which are giving in No of guest and no of children field will be automatically updates in Stay info page also.
  2. Click Save to make the reservation.

Rate Info Tab

  1. Rate info is nothing but Billing Screen only. In billing screen the current reservation’s entire Guest, Room Information, Payment and Charges details will be displayed.
  2. Payments and other charges can also be done in billing screen.
  3. Only room rate can be change but we cannot edit taxes.
  4. Print feature is used to take printout of the billing screen.
  5. Send Email feature will send the billing details to that particular customer through Email. The Email which has been given in the guest details during reservation to that mail only it will be sent.

Other Info Tab

  1. This tab will show the extra details about the guest in the Additional Information field which is shown below :  –