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Seasonal Rate

Now to create a seasonal rate, first, create and define a season like holiday season, summer season with multiple date range at once and then you can assign this season to multiple regular rates. Now you can minimize the work of creating multiple seasonal dates for each and every regular rates.

         To do this click Setup from the top menu bar, then select Basic Easy InnKeeping and click on Rate Setup and click on Seasons and Holidays Definition and then Add Season.

         After creating the season, click on Rate tab in the rate setup screen and then select on the regular rate name that you need to create a seasonal rate. At the bottom of the regular rate screen, click on Add Seasonal Rates checkbox and tick the season you need to create a seasonal rate. In the Rack Rate enter the seasonal rate and click on Save Rate Plan.

         If the extra charges differ from existing regular rate setup then tick the Extra Charges different from Rack and add the extra charge amount for the new seasonal rates and click on Save Rate Plan.

         To view the created seasonal rate, click on View Seasonal Rate Magnifier in the regular rate screen.

You can also edit any details of the created seasonal rate by clicking on the Edit button (Pencil Icon) and delete any particular date range by clicking on the Delete button and then update the changes.