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Detailed Weekly

Detailed Weekly


Detailed Weekly chart shows more details on the page. The details which can be seen in the chart are Unit Name, Unit Number, Unit Type and Unit Rate.


  1. To access Detailed Weekly Chart, go to Charts>> Detailed Weekly Chart in the Black Menu.
  2. By keeping the mouse pointer on the room name, the room name details such as Regular Rate, Weekend charge and Extra Person Charge.
  3. A virtual calendar is displayed in the top left. You can check this for any week by selecting a day in the calendar icon and then click on the “GO” button.
  • Features
  • Left Top Corner Date
  1. The dates of the current month are displayed on the top of the screen. By selecting a particular Month (December is chosen below) we can see the particular month’s reservations. 
  2. A virtual calendar (12/09/2015) is displayed in the left margin will bring the mentioned date’s reservation which is shown below : –
  • Right Corner Tabs
  1. Clicking on Add Res, It will open reservation page for the current date.
  2. Depending on the settings in Option Settings which is shown below, Quick Reservation or Full Reservation will be opened while clicking on Add Res.
  3. Clicking on Today button, even if the chart is in different date the chart will automatically show the current date’s details to the screen.
  4. To move the calendar for next 30 days click on >>30 button.
  5. To move the calendar for past 30 days click on << 30 button.
  6. To move the calendar for next 7 days click on >>7 button.
  7. To move the calendar for past 7 days click on << 7 button.
  • Status Bar
  1. The red box which is highlighted below is known as Status Bar. In Monthly Availability Chart, the rooms which are booked will display the status of the room in the cell with their respective colours.
  2. Status colour can be changes under Features>>Color Settings.
  • Room Name
  1. Room Names in the left corner will display the room names which have been created in Unit Setup.


  • Book Now
  1. By placing the pointer on a cell it will automatically changes to Book Now in green colour.
  2. Then click on Book Now. It will direct to the reservation page and we can make a reservation for that particular day which we clicked on the chart cell.
  • Booked Reservation
  1. By placing the pointer on a booked reservation it will pop up the details of the Guest and the reservation details which is shown below : –
  2. By clicking on booked reservation, it will open the reservation page where we can make changes to the reservation if necessary.        
  • Right Click Options On Booked Room

By right clicking on a booked room a list of options will be shown.

  1. Move option will move the booked reservation from one date to another date, after clicking on Move right clicking on an empty cell and click on Replace option.

We can also move the reservation from one room type to different room type room by making settings under Features>>Option Settings >> Chart Settings>> Move Reservation With Old Room Rate and click on Save button which is shown below : –

  1. We can mention the Status of the room whether it has been Confirmed, Check in, Check out, Fully Paid and Non Paid. After making any Status listed above, booked reservation will changes to that Status colour.
  2. Click on Modify, to modify the reserved room.
  3. By clicking on Delete, the booked reservation will be deleted. It cannot be retrieved later.
  4. Cancel option will cancel the booked reservation. By clicking on Cancel, Cancellation screen will be displayed where we can make charge to the guest. Once the cancellation amount is enter click on Cancel button which is shown below : –
  1. Share With option will share a single room with N no. of guest. We can utilise this option only when the Share Room is enabled in Quick Reservation.
  2. If the reservation is allowed to Share Room then in Monthly Availability Chart, the reservation’s ID will be shown instead of showing Guest Name.
  3. By right clicking on the Reservation ID we can share the room which is shown below :
  4. By clicking on Share With, Quick Reservation Screen will be opened for same reservation ID another reservation is made which is shown below : –

Housekeeping Status

  1. Housekeeping Status will identifies the status of the room whether it is Dirty or Clean to housekeeping Staffs.
  2. Housekeeping Status along with its respective colours will be displayed at the button which is shown below : –
  1. View Guest Info will display the guest details which is shown below : –
  1. Print Bill option will print the billing screen.
  1. Payments & Charges option will opens the Billing Screen where we can make any payments and charges to the reservation.
  1.  Letter option will send letters to the guest for any intimation regarding reservation. Select and click on Send Email.