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Monthly Availability Calendar


The Monthly Availability Calendar shows a list of all the units in your property and its occupants for the current month. The slots within the calendar are filled with colors that signify different statuses of reservation. The respective status for each color code is also contained on the availability screen.


To access Monthly Availability Calendar click on Charts>>Monthly on Menu.You can also access Monthly Availability Calendar by clicking on Monthly Icon in Main Menu.




Left Top Corner Date

The dates of the current month are displayed on the top of the screen. By selecting a particular Month (December is chosen below) , you can see the particular month’s reservations.


A virtual calendar (12/09/2015) displayed on the left margin will help you to view the reservations for the particular date you select on the calendar. Or you can select from the Months drop down, and all the reservations specific to that particular month will be pulled up on your monthly availability chart.

Right Corner Tabs

Clicking on Add Res, will open reservation page for the current date.


Depending on the settings that you have enabled in Option Settings which is as shown, Quick Reservation or Full Reservation page will be opened, while clicking on Add Res.


Clicking on Today button will allow the chart to display all the reservations of the current date.


To move the calendar for next 30 days, click on >>30 button.

To move the calendar for past 30 days, click on << 30 button.

To move the calendar for next 7 days, click on >>7 button.

To move the calendar for past 7 days, click on << 7 button.

Status Bar

The red box which is highlighted below is known as Status Bar. The Status bar consists of different color codes that signify various statuses of reservation. In Monthly Availability Chart, the rooms which are booked will be displayed by use of colour codes whose respective status can be referred from the status bar. These color codes are customizable and can be set according to your preference. Status colour can be changed under Features>>Color Settings.




Room Name

Room Names in the left corner will display all the room names created in Unit Setup.


The span of the monthly availability calendar is 30 days. From the current date, the reservations of the next 30 days will be displayed on it.


Book Now

By placing the pointer on a cell it will automatically changes to Book Now in green colour.


Click on Book Now. You will be directed to the reservation page where you can make the reservation for that particular date whose cell you clicked on

Booked Reservation

You can easily view the details of your guest and other reservation information for any booked room by simply hovering the cursor over the cells that you want to view for. The Reservation Information is displayed to you in the form of a tool tip.


By clicking on a booked reservation, it will open the reservation page where you can make changes to the reservation, if necessary


Right Click Options On Booked Room

By right clicking on a booked room, a list of options will be shown.


Move option will move the booked reservation from one date to another. After clicking on Move, right click on an empty cell to which you desire to move the reservation to and click on Replace option.


We can also move reservations of one room type to a different room type by enabling settings under Features>>Option Settings >> Chart Settings>> Move Reservation With Old Room Rate. Enable “Move Reservation With Old Room Rate” by marking the “Yes” checkbox. Click on Save button to reflect the changes.



We can mention the Status of the room with one of the various statuses provided – Confirmed, Checked in, Checked out, Fully Paid or Non Paid. After specifying the room with a status, the cell/s respective to that booked reservation will reflect the respective color code for that status.

Click on Modify, to modify the reserved room.

By clicking on Delete, the booked reservation will be deleted. It cannot be retrieved later.

Cancel option will cancel the booked reservation. By clicking on Cancel, Cancellation screen will be displayed where you can enter the cancellation charge, if applicable. Once the cancellation amount is entered, click on Cancel button which is shown below :


Share With option will share a single room with “N” no. of guest/s. You can utilise this option if and only the Share Room option is enabled in Quick Reservation. (You need to mark the “Share Reservation” checkbox on your quick reservation page, in order to avail this feature).


If a reservation is allowed to Share Room then on the Monthly Availability Chart, the reservation’s ID will be displayed instead of Guest Name.


By right clicking on the Reservation ID, you can enable a guest to share the room with another by entering his/her details on the Quick reservation page that pops up when you click on “Share With”.


By clicking on Share With, Quick Reservation Screen will be opened for the same reservation ID. Enter the details of the new shared reservation. And click on Save button to reflect your changes.


Housekeeping Status

Housekeeping Status will help you identify the status of the room whether it is Dirty or Clean, so that necessary action can be initiated to the housekeeping staff.


Housekeeping Status along with its respective colours will be displayed at the bottom which is shown below :


Right click on any booked reservation. View Guest Info will display all guest details which is as shown.


Print Bill option will enable you to print the particular reservation.


Payments & Charges option will open the Billing Screen where you can make any payments and charges to the reservation.


Letter option will enable you to send letters to the guest/s for any intimation regarding reservation. Right click on a booked reservation and select the “Letters” option.


Multi Reservation

Multi reservation enables you to book multiple rooms for multiple dates at the same time with much ease. Simply drag your cursor along the cells that you want to book for. The selected cells will be highlighted in Red. Right click on any cell in that selected lot and click on the Book Now option. Multiroom/Date Booking screen will be be opened as shown.




1. Enter the guest details in the Guest Information.

2. Enter No. of Adults and Children.

3. Select the Status of the reservation.

4. Make payments in Payment Details.

5. All the rooms that you selected, are displayed at the bottom of the screen.

6. Once done, click on Save button.