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Condo Owner Details

Condo Owner Details

Owner of Units are setup and maintained in this screen. To access the Owner Information screen, click on Condo >> Condo Owner Details in the main menu.


The Condo Owner Listing screen is displayed as shown below.




  1. Click on the Add Condo Owner button.
  2. Enter Condo Owner Name, Condo Owner Address. Continue entering the Phone Number, City, State, Zip, and Country information.
  1. After entering the Owner information, click on the Save Condo Owner button.
  2. In Management percentage, enter the percentage of revenue retained by management.
  3. After entering the Owner information, click on the Save Condo Owner button.

To Delete Condo Owner


  1. In the Condo Owner Listing screen, select the owner that you want to delete by clicking on the check box.
  2. Then click on the Delete Condo Owner button.
  3. A message ‘Are you sure you want to ‘Delete’ this Condo Owners Details? Click “OK” to confirm’ appears. Click on “OK” if you are sure you want to delete the condo owner. Click on “Cancel” if you do not want to delete the condo owner.

Assign Owners to Units

Unit Owners are assigned to units in the Unit Setup screen. Follow the steps below to assign owners to units. The condo owners have to be already setup before trying to assign condo units.



  1. If the units are already defined in the Unit Setup screen, select the unit that you want to assign an owner by clicking on it in the Room Listing screen.
  2. Select Owner Name from the list provided. These Owners should be already defined in the Condo Owner screen.

Note: All the Owners that have been assigned to rooms will be displayed in the Owner Reports