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Eik Release 10.5

Shift List

     You can create different shifts to assign to your staff here. To create a Shift List, click on Setup>> Employee >> Shift List in the menu.


1. Click on the Add button to add a new shift.

2. Enter Shift Number, Shift Name, From Time and To Time.

3. Click on the Add icon.

4. To edit the shift, click on the pencil icon.


Every time an employee logs in to the system using his/her credentials, the Select Shift Detail screen will be displayed. Each employee has to select his/her shift from the drop down menu before they can progress into the system.


Online Templates

     This feature will allow you to change the exterior look and feel of your online Booking Engine. It can be accessed by clicking on Setup>> Basic Easy Webrez >> Online Template.

– For Easy WebRez Online Booking Engine Version 1, templates 1-12 are applicable. For Easy WebRez Online Booking Engine Version 2, templates 13-19 are applicable. If you are unsure which version of the Booking Engine you use, please contact Support.

– You can click on the Preview button to see a preview of the template, or just click on the layout radio button to apply the template.

Note: Only the version-specific templates (as noted above) will be applied. Version 1 templates cannot be applied to Version 2 Booking Engine, and vice versa.


Default Settings

      To access the Default Settings screen, select Features >>Default Settings in the Main Menu.

Default Settings Overview:

Option Settings gives you a number of options to make changes to your Invoice setup, your page display setup, reservation setup, charts setup, time and date setup, color theme, Night Audit automation, Condo Owner Percentage, and Auto Email Settings. Enabling/Disabling the appropriate option in Option Settings will allow you to personalize Easy InnKeeping to your own needs.

Invoice Settings:

Invoice Settings allow you to make changes on your Invoice. Any changes made in the Invoice Settings will be reflected in the Invoice Screen (Invoice Details/Invoice) which is shown below. Enable or Disable display of daily rates, show or hide tax breakdown, show or hide check-in/check-out time, Select Price format and much more. You can view the Invoice screen on the Reservation Screen by clicking on the Invoice button.

Options under InvoiceSettings

Show Daily Rates on Invoice:

Selecting this option will allow nightly rates to be printed on the Invoice. This is useful when more than a single rate applies to a reservation and they are broken down clearly in the Invoice for the guest.

Show Tax Breakdown on Invoice:

Selecting this option will itemize the different taxes on the Invoice, as opposed to a single “Tax” line.

Edit individual Room Charges on Invoice Screen:

This option will cause Multiple Rooms to be split up into single rooms on the Invoice, so that individual rooms can be edited.

Show Property Logo:

Enabling this option will add your Property Logo to the Invoice Screen and the printed Invoice.  It can be viewed by clicking on the Print button.  Select an Invoice and click on Print Preview

Show Check In/Out Time on Invoice:

Enabling/Disabling this option will show/hide your property’s Check In and Check Out times on the Invoice screen.

Calculate Promo Discount Without Extra Person Charge:

This Feature will calculate promo discount without any extra person charge.

Select Price Format:

The format of your price – Decimal, Rounded or Ceiling can be set here. The Pricing format will follow whatever option has been enabled here.

Calculate Tax Without Discount:

This feature will calculate taxes for all charges except Discounts.  

Display Account Codes:

This feature will show the Account Codes for every item which has been added to the Invoice Screen in a numeric/alphabetic order. If “Numerically” is selected, Account codes will be displayed in their ascending numeric order. If “Alphabetically” is assigned, Account codes will be displayed in the ascending alphabetical order, based on their Description.  

Display Alert Messages:

Enable/Disable the display of Alert Messages. After making a reservation with this option enabled, a message will pop up on your reservation screen saying things like “You successfully saved this Reservation” or similar.               

Show Notes in Invoice:

You can display/hide the notes from the reservation screen on the guest invoice by enabling/disabling this option. Enabling this option will display your notes on the invoice. Click on the “Print” button to have your invoice printed.           

Allow Zero in Invoice:

When this option is set as YES, then you can have a room charge amount of zero in the invoice screen.   

Options under Page Settings

Calendar View:

You can change the calendar view to show by Room Name or by Room Type. Room Name will show the details of the rooms on the chart whereas Room Type will display the Rooms under their respective Room Type and can be expanded or collapsed.

Set Default Home Page To:

The default start-up page can be set here. The screen selected here will be the default screen that shows initially when you first log in to Easy InnKeeping.

Set No of Rows to be displayed:

This will determine the maximum number of rows that will be displayed per page in all Lists. For example, you can choose to display 10 rooms at a time in the Find Reservation Screen. To view rooms from room 11 onwards, click on the button in the lower right portion of the screen. Use the navigation buttons provided to move from one set of rooms to the other.

Show Guest Image:

This feature will show the Guest Image Button on the Reservation Screen. You can upload your guests’ image using this option.

Show Guest Document:

This feature will show the Guest Document Button on the Reservation Screen. Using this option, you can upload any relevant documents of your guests such as scanned copies of Government Issued Identity Cards etc.

Set Find Reservation Default Search:

The selected conditions here will be the default on the Find Reservation Screen.

Options under Reservation Settings

Note:  The Reservation Settings page will be displayed only when the Calendar view under Chart Settings is set to “Room Type”.

Do Not Assign Rooms During Reservation:

This option disables the option of making a reservation from the main menu. When “Do Not Assign Rooms During Reservation” is set to “Yes”, you can only make a reservation from the Reservation Chart, and it will open as an Unassigned Reservation page. If you try to make a reservation elsewhere, an alert message – “Permission Denied” will be displayed.  

Set Reservation Folio Number:

This feature will allow you to have a Unique number field in the Reservation Screen where you can manually enter unique reservation identification numbers.

Options for Chart Settings

Display Charts by:

This option allows you to display room details in the Availability Charts based on the following selections:

Unit Name:

Displays the Unit Name in the Availability Chart. If the reservations are unique to each unit name, use this option.

Unit No:

Displays Unit Number in the Availability Chart. Select this option if the reservations are based on unit numbers.

Unit No. & Unit Name:

This option displays both unit number and unit name in the Availability Chart.

Sort Charts by:

This option will sort the Room Names on the Availability Charts by either Unit Name or Unit Number.

Set Default Reservation to:

This selection allows you to choose the Quick Reservation or the Full Reservation screen as your default. Based on the option chosen, any new reservation opened from the Reservation Charts will open in that view. The Quick Reservation screen displays all the required details of the reservation in a single screen. The Full Reservation screen has a detailed view in different tabs.

Set Hourly Reservation to:

Full Chart will display full hour slots on the Hourly Chart and Semi Chart will show half hour slots.

Set Name to be displayed:

This feature allows you to choose how the guest’s name will display on the reservations in the Charts. For example, if you choose ‘Last Name’, Kumar Pradeep’s reservation will be displayed as ‘Pradeep’ in the reservation charts.

Set Status After Check Out:

After the rooms are checked out, we can set the status of the room by choosing from the dropdown list.

Display Room Status:

Enabling this option will display the Count of Rooms based on their status (Unconfirmed (2)) on the Monthly Availability Chart (Shown Below).

Floating Tool-bar:

While scrolling down on the availability chart, the days bar will be displayed when it is checked as “Yes”. On checking “No”, days bar won’t be shown while scrolling down.

Show Referral on Tooltip:

Enabling this option will display the Referral’s name on the tooltip.

Move Reservation With Old Room Rate:

This feature is used for moving the reservation from one room type to another room type with the same old rate.

Show Group Name: Enabling this option as “Yes”, will show the Group Name on the availability chart instead of showing the guest name.

Enable Multiple Room Selection: Enabling this option as “Yes”, in the room name calendar you can drag and select the cells to make block rooms, Multi Booking and change the housekeeping status.

Options for Date & Time Zone Settings

Use this date format:

All dates throughout the application will be displayed based on the format selected in this list. Dates can be of the following formats:

mm/dd/yy (month/day/year)

dd/mm/yy (day/month/year)

yy/mm/dd (year/month/day)

Show year in four digits:

Enabling this option will display the year in four-digit format. For example, “2017”.

Set default Check-In time:

The time selected here will be set as the Check In Time on the Invoice screen by default.

Set default Check-Out time:

The time selected here will be set as the Check Out Time on the Invoice screen by default.

Option for Color Settings:

Color Themes:

You can change the color theme of the entire application by choosing a color here.

Option for Languages:

Front Desk Language:

You can change the language of the text in the entire application.There are around sixteen different languages to choose from.

Options for Night Audit Settings

Run Night Audit Report every night at:

By checking this option, you can set a fixed time to run your Night Audit Report. The Night Audit report can be run each night at the chosen time and handed over to the Management of the property.

Options for Condo Owner Settings

Set Individual Owner Percentage: This setting is applicable only to users with the available Condo Module. This is the percentage of the reservation total that will be allocated to the Condo Owner. The Owner/Property Management percentage of revenue can be set here.When unchecked, you can enter the Owner’s and the Management’s percentage here.When checked, the percentages are entered in the Condo Owner Details page.

Option for Auto Email Settings

Always Check Auto Email:

Enabling this option will automatically send an E-mail to the guest, upon completion of the reservation. Note: You will have to enable the auto email in the Reservation Letter screen.

Daily Backup Report:

Backup report will allow the system to send a status report of Daily, Weekly and Monthly Charts on a daily basis to your property’s Email ID.

Information and Direction

      Property Description and Direction Info pages are included in a single page with two different tabs. To access this page, go to Setup >> Advanced Easy WebRez >> Information and Direction.

Property Description:

The Property Description feature provides the ability to enter information describing your property, any ongoing offers your property may have, and also allows you to enter content for directions to the property. The entered information is displayed in your booking engine.


  • 1. Enter the Property’s Description.
  • 2. If necessary, mention any ongoing offers.
  • 3. Give Directions to your property from a popular landmark.
  • 4. Click on Save Changes button.

Direction Info:

The Direction Info page gives you the ability to provide guests directions to your property. You can add directions in two formats – either by specifying the complete address or specifying the latitude/longitude coordinates.

1. Select the Input type from the drop-down menu.
2. Give the required address/latitude, longitude coordinates.
3. Provide description, if necessary.
4. Click on the Save Changes button once you are done. 

Room Type

     Room types can be setup under Setup>> Basic Easy InnKeeping >> Room type.  A room type can have multiple room names under it.

Note: When changes are made in the Room Type screen, all respective Units under the Room Type will be modified.  You no longer need to update each individual unit under the Room Type.  The following three fields get changed in the Units when we save the Room Type: 
1.    Room Name
2.    Max. Occupancy
3.    Amenities

For example, if the Luxury1 Unit has a Max. Occupancy of 3, and the Luxury Room Type has a Max. Occupancy of 2, then saving the Luxury Room Type will update the Luxury1 unit to a Max. Occupancy of 2.  Similarly, any changes made to Room Name and Amenities will be updated as well. 

1.    Click on Add Room Type button to open the Add Room Type.
2.    If you want the room that you’re creating to be active, select the “Yes” radio button.  Marking your room as active will have it displayed on the availability calendar and enable reservations for that Room Type.
3.    Enter the Room Type Name and choose an existing Rate.
4.    Enter the Number of Beds and Maximum Occupancy for this Room Type.
5.    In No. of Rooms to Create, enter the number of Units you want created for this Room Type.   For example, if you enter 5, then 5 rooms will be created under this Room Type with the same information you provided for that Room type.
6.    Upload an Image if you wish to by just clicking on the Browse button. (Optional)
7.    Enter a Description for this Room Type. 
8.    If the room type has Amenities listed, select the ones you want included and click on the >> button.
9.    Then click on save button for your changes to take effect.

Also, you can edit the Room Type List and change the room type name and room type status. 

Unit Setup

      Single room settings can be changed in Unit Setup.  It can be accessed by navigating through Setup >> Basic Easy InnKeeping >> Unit Setup.

1.    Click on the Add Room button to add or change the Unit.  The add room page will be displayed.
2.    By default, the room will be active.  If you want the room to be created but made inactive, select the “No” button.
3.    Select Room Type from the dropdown list.
4.    Enter Room Name and Room No.
5.    Choose the order to show in the charts like daily, weekly and monthly in the Display Order dropdown. 
6.    Enter the Maximum Occupancy you wish to set up for the room.
7.    Select the No. Of Beds and Bed Type from the Dropdown list.
8.    Check the option “Yes” or “No” to display the room in Online Reservation selection or not.
9.    Click the browse button to upload a nice picture of the room.
10.    Enter the room’s description. 
Advanced Settings: 
11.    Select the Room View/location, from the Dropdown list.  (Optional)
12.    To assign multiple rates to the room, check the check box near the rates.
13.    To show this room in the Online booking engine availability calendar, select “Yes” for Show Online Room in Availability calendar. 
14.    To assign the tax from the tax list page (the taxes which are set as true will be assigned), select the Default radio button. If you need to assign any particular tax, select the Variable radio button. 
15.    Single Rate option will enable charges for a single person (This is applicable only when the number of guest is one).
16.    To make the rooms Master and Partial, select the room you need as master from the dropdown and in another room select the room as partial for the master room.  
17.    If the unit has any of the amenities listed, select the appropriate choices and click on the >> button.
18.    Click on the Save button.Also, you can change the room name, room type, rate name, display order and active from the room name list just by clicking on the edit (pencil icon) next to the respective room.  You can filter the rooms based on the availability in the online (Booking Engine, Booking.Com and Expedia) rooms by selecting the particular filtering from the room filter dropdown menu. 

Custom Label

     The Custom label feature will enable User customized labels on some of the fields in Easy Innkeeping.  It is found by navigating to Setup >> Advanced Easy InnKeeping >> Customs labels.  You can change the labels in four different main screens and also the main screens will contain sub screens. The main screens with sub screens are listed below: 

–    Front Office (PMS)  
The changes made in this screen will make modifications in five related sub screens in Easy InnKeeping. 

 Booking Engine
The changes made in this screen will make modifications in Easy WebRez Online Booking Engine. 

POS Screen
The changes made in this screen will make modifications in the labels in the POS screens. 

The changes made in this screen will make modifications in the label in the lead and customer screens in the CRM. 

Property Info

     Property info allows you to enter detailed information about your property. To access Property info page, Go to Setup>> Basic Easy InnKeeping>> Property Info. Clicking on Modify Property will open up the Modify Property screen where you can make the desired changes.

1.    Enter property name and contact information, as you would like it to appear on the guest Invoice.  In the address fields, you can auto fill the contact details by simply searching the particular location. 

2.    The email address which is entered here will be used as the “Sender” email address when sending the letters/email from Easy InnKeeping and Online Booking Engine. 
3.    The login credentials (Login Name and Password) of the Property Admin can be modified here.  Property Short Name is unique so that cannot be changed.  
4.    Click on the Browse button and upload the picture of your property and Logo separately.  Logo will be displayed on the invoice while printing. 
5.    Check the option “Center” or “Left Corner” for the Logo placement to appear on any online reservation. 
6.    Make note of your property short name, login name and password as these are essential to login to the software.
7.    Make the necessary changes and click on the Save button. 


Staff List


     The Staff List feature allows you to maintain a database of all your Front Office and POS staff along with their general and personal details. To access staff list, navigate through Setup >> Employee >> Staff List in the Menu.

1.    Click on the Add button to add a new worker to the list.
2.    Enter the worker’s name in the Staff Name field of the Add Worker Page as shown.
3.    Enter User Name and Password of the worker. These credentials will be used in the login page along with the Property Short Name. 
4.    Select an Access Level from the list. Access Levels can be created under Setup >> Employee >> Access Levels. 
5.    Select Shift from the list provided. Shift can be created under Setup >> Employee >> Shift List.
6.    Also mention his/her Position, Email id and Phone Number. 

7.    To add other contact information of the worker, click on the More button. 
8.    Click on Save button to save the changes.
9.    You can also edit the staff details from the staff list page itself. 

Note: You can also add POS staff by checking the radio button “POS”. The login credentials will be used to login the POS billing screen. 

10.    Also, you cannot delete any staff.  If you need to delete or don’t want to access the application, you can Disable the staff.  The disabled staffs can be viewed by changing the “Hide Disabled Worker” setting to “No”.

Access Level

     Different levels of access for the staff can be defined in the Access Levels screen.  To create or modify Access Levels, click on Setup>> Employee>> Access Levels in the Menu.

1.    Under Access Level, you can see the list of all created access levels. This can be applied to the respective staff under Setup >> Employee >> Staff List. 
2.    To create new access level, click on the Access Rights tab and enter new access level name.
3.    Choose the permissions are allowed for the respective pages and click on Save button. 

Inventory Items

     The Inventory Items feature provides various options to setup your payment methods.  To access Accounts, go to Setup >> Inventory Items. The payments, charges, discounts and misc. pages has been consolidated into a single page with three tabs for Main Groups, Sub Groups and Items which is shown in the below screenshot.  

1.    To add a main group, click on Add button, enter the name and click on Save button. 
2.    To view/ add a subgroup for a respective Main Group, click on the view button (eye icon) under View/Add SubGroups. 

3.    To add a new Sub Group under a Main Group, click on Add button and choose the Main Group from the dropdown menu and enter the name of the Sub Group and click on Save button.
4.    To view/ add an Item for a respective Sub Group, click on the view button (eye icon) under View/Add Items. 

5.    To add a new Item under a Sub Group, click on Add button. Enter the Account Item Name, select the Main and Sub Groups and enter a default amount in the field provided. 

6.    Choose the taxes to be added to the item.
7.    Enable Apply to Booking Engine also by marking the “Yes” button. This will shows in the online shopping cart.