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Company Ledger

Company Ledger

Company Ledger feature will allow you to add the room charges to the company bill. The total charges of the company will be debited from the Company’s credit limit. To access company ledger, go to Features>>Company ledger.


Company List (Company Ledger) Screen will be displayed which is shown below:



  1. Click on the Add button. Direct Billing Company (Company Ledger) screen is opened which is shown below : –
  2. Enter the Company Name, Address and Contact information.
  3. Enter the Credit Limit (which is highlighted above in red box). Each time a reservation is made through direct billing (Which is shown below), the reservation amount gets deducted from the Credit Limit which is assigned here.


Click on Direct Billing. These charges will be displayed on the reservation screen only if Direct Billing is enabled. Then click on the Save button.