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Night Audit

Night Audit

Night Audit is a vital process within the accounting function of a hotel operation to ensure that all transactions are checked on a daily basis for accuracy and all unpaid transactions are completed.

  1. To Access Night Audit, click on Features >> Night Audit in the Main Menu.


Night Audit Screen will be displayed which is shown below:


night-audit-1 night-audit-reconcillation

  1. Click on “Run Night Audit Report Now”(Shown Above)
  2. Once done, go to Reports >> Audit >> Night Audit.


  1. The Night Audit report can be run each night at the fixed time and handed over to the manager of the property. This will help the manager keep track of the income generated before that night. If the Night Audit options are set, and a night audit reports is set, closing balance will reflect the incoming amount for that day only after the passing system day and time.

To run the Night Audit automatically.

  1. Go to Features >> Options Settings


  1. Check the box for “Run Night Audit Report Every Night at” and set the time.
  2. Click on “Save” then “close”.