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Option Settings

Option Settings

  1. To access the Options Setting screen, select Features >>Options Settings in the Main Menu. The Options screen is displayed as shown below :
  2. option-settings

Options Settings:

Options Settings gives you various options to make changes to your bill, your page, reservations, charts, time and zone, color, Night Audit, Condo Owner and Email Settings. Enabling/Disabling the appropriate option on the Option Settings Screen will allow you to personalise and make changes to the same.

Bill Settings:

Bill Settings allow you to make changes on your Bill. Any changes made in the Bill will be reflected in Billing Screen (Billing Details) which is shown below. Enable/Disable display of daily rates, show/hide tax breakdown, show/hide check-in/check-out time, Select Price format and much more. You can view the billing screen on the Reservation Screen by clicking on the Billing button.

On the Reservation screen, click on Billing button at the bottom to view your bill.

Options Under Bill Settings

Show Daily Rates on Bill: Selecting this option will allow nightly rates to be printed on the bill. This is useful when more than a single rate applies to a reservation and they are broken down clearly in the bill for the guest.

Show Tax Breakdown on Bill: Selecting this option will allow you to view the breakdown of different taxes on the bill.

Edit individual Room Charges on Billing Screen: This option will make Multiple Rooms to be split up into single rooms on the bill, so that individual rooms can be edited.

Show Property Logo: Enabling this option will display your Property Logo on the Billing Screen. It can be viewed by clicking on Print. Select an Invoice and click on Print Preview.

Show Check In/Out Time on Bill: Enabling/Disabling this option will show/hide your property’s Check In and Check Out timings on the billing screen.

Calculate Promo Discount Without Extra Person Charge: This Feature will calculate promo discount without extra person charge.

Select Price Format: The format of your price – decimal, Round or Ceiling can be set here. The Price format will follow whatever option has been enabled here.

Calculate Tax Without Discount: This feature will calculate the tax for all the charges except Discounts.

Display Account Codes: This feature will show the Account Codes for every item which has been added to the billing Screen in a numeric/alphabetic order. If “Numerically” is selected, Account codes will be displayed in their ascending order. If “Alphabetically” is assigned, Account codes will be displayed in the alphabetic ascending order of their description.

Display Alert Messages: Enable/Disable the display of Alert Messages, after making a reservation using this option. Enabling this, will popup a message on your reservation screen as follows – “You successfully saved this Reservation”.

Show Notes in Invoice: You can display/hide the notes on the reservation screen by enabling/disabling this option. Enabling this option will display your notes on the invoice. Click on “Print” button to have your invoice printed.

Options Under Page Settings

Calendar View: You can change the calendar view to be of Room Name or Room Type. Room Name will show the details of the rooms on the chart whereas Room Type will display the Rooms under their respective Room Type.

Set Default Home Page To: The default page can be set, so the screen selected here will always be the screen that appears every time when you Log In to your property.

Set No of Rows to be displayed: This will determine the maximum number of rows (rooms) that will be displayed in all the listing Screens. For example, you can choose to display 10 rooms at a time in the Find Reservation Screen. To view rooms from room 11 onwards, click on thebutton in the lower right portion of the screen. Use the navigation buttons provided to move from one set of rooms to the other.

Show Guest Image: This feature will show the Guest Image Button on the Reservation Screen. You can upload your guests’ image using this option.

Show Guest Document: This feature will show the Guest Document Button on the Reservation Screen. Using this option, you can upload any relevant documents of your guests such as scanned copies of Government Issued Identity Cards etc.,

Options Under Reservation Settings

Reservation Settings page will be displayed only when the Calendar view under Chart Settings is assigned to Room Type.

Do Not Assign Rooms During Reservation: This option disables the option of making a reservation from the main menu. When “Do Not Assign Rooms During Reservation” is assigned as “Yes”, you can make reservation from the Reservation Chart only and it will open as an Unassigned Reservation page. If you try to make a reservation elsewhere, an alert message – “Permission Denied” will be displayed which is shown below :

Set Reservation Folio Number: This feature will allow you to have a Unique number field in the Reservation Screen where you can manually enter unique reservation identification numbers.

Options for Chart Settings

Display Charts by: This option allows you to display room details in the Availability Charts based on the following selections :

  • Unit Name: Displays the Unit Name in the Availability Chart. If the reservations are unique to each unit name, use this option.
  • Unit No: Displays Unit Number in the Availability Chart. Select this option if the reservations are based on unit numbers.
  • Unit No. & Unit Name: This option displays both unit number and unit name in the Availability Chart which is shown below:-

Sort Charts by: This option will sort the Room Names on the Availability Charts based on Unit Name or Unit Number which is shown above.

Set Default Reservation to: This selection allows you to choose the Quick Reservation or the Full Reservation screen as your default screen. Based on the selected option, while double clicking to open a reservation from the Reservation Charts, the selected reservation screen will open up. The Quick Reservation screen displays all the required details of the reservation in a single screen. The Full Reservation screen has a detailed view of the reservation in different tabs.

Set Hourly Reservation to: Full Chart will display full timings on the Hourly Chart and Semi Chart will show partial (half) timings

Set Name to be displayed: This feature allows you to choose First Name or Last Name or both First & Last Name with guest count, while displaying reservations on the Charts. For example, if you choose ‘Last Name’, Kumar Pradeep reservation will be displayed as ‘Pradeep’ in the reservation charts.

Set Status After Check Out: After the rooms are checked out, out we can set the status of the room by choosing from the dropdown list which is shown below : –

Display Room Status: Enabling this option will display the Count of Rooms based on their status (Unconfirmed (2)) on the Monthly Availability Chart (Shown Below).

Floating Tool-bar: While scrolling down on the availability chart, the days bar will be displayed when it is checked as “Yes”. On checking “No” , days bar won’t be shown while scrolling down.

Show Referral on Tooltip: Enabling this option will display the Referral’s name on the tooltip.

Move Reservation With Old Room Rate: This feature is used for moving the reservation from one room type to another room type with the same old rate.

Show Group Name: Enabling this option Yeswill show the Group Name on the availability chart instead of showing the guest name.

Options for Date & Time Zone Settings

Use this date format: Date throughout the application will be displayed based on the format selected in this list. Dates can be of the following formats :

  • mm/dd/yy (month/day/year)
  • dd/mm/yy (day/month/year)
  • yy/mm/dd (year/month/day)

Show year in four digits: Enabling this option will display the year in four digits. For example, as in 2015.

Set default Check-In time: The time selected here will be set as the Check In Time on the billing screen.

Set default Check-Out time: The time selected here will be set as the Check Out Time on the Billing screen.

Options for Night Audit Settings

Run Night Audit Report every night at: Using this option, you can set a fixed time to run your Night Audit Report. The Night Audit report can be run each night at the fixed time and handed over to the manager of the property. This will help the manager keep track of the income generated before that night.

Options for Condo Owner Settings

Set Individual Owner Percentage: This is applicable only to users with Condo Module. This is the percentage of the reservation that will be allocated to the Condo Owner. The Owner- management percentage of dividend can be set here.

  • On unchecking the options for individual owner percentage, you can enter the owner and the management’s percentage of share.

Auto Email Settings Block in Option Setting Screen

Enabling this option will automatically send an E-mail to the guest, upon completion of the reservation.

Daily Backup Report

Backup report will allow the system to send a status report of Daily, Weekly and Monthly Charts on a daily basis to your property’s Email ID.