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Housekeeping Reports

To access this screen go to Housekeeping >>Housekeeping Reports on the main menu.


Amount Due

This report shows the total amount due for every reservation. To access Amount due report, navigate through Housekeeping >> Reports >> Amount Due



Check-in Report

This report lists all the reservations that has its check-in date as that day / in that week/month/year. You can also opt to search for reservations using the custom dates calendar.

To access this facility go to Housekeeping >> Reports >> Check-in Report in the Main Menu bar.


Check in –Checkout Report

This report generates a list of guests who have checked in and checked out for that day/in that week/month/year. You can also use the Custom Dates calendar to search for Guests who have checked in/out during the custom dates that you select on the calendar.To access this report go to Housekeeping >> Reports >>Check in -Checkout Reports.



Checkout Report

Guest Checkout can be viewed under Housekeeping >> Reports >>Checkout


Housekeeping Report

The Housekeeping Report displays the housekeeping status of every room in the property. This current status could either be assigned from the reservation Charts or from the Housekeeping Status screen. The Housekeeping department may run this report before and after each shift to report the current housekeeping status of each room.

To access this facility go to Housekeeping >>Reports>> Housekeeping in the main menu bar.


To view the days report, click on the radio button labelled Today or select a Custom Date manually entering a date or choosing one from the virtual calendar.


Then select the Display Result button.

To export the status in Excel/XML/Text format click on the corresponding buttons Export to Excel/Export to XML/Export to Text.

To print the status click on the Print Preview button which formats it for the printer.

Housekeeping Assignment

The housekeeping assignment worksheet is a tool for scheduling housekeepers and recording room inspections. Any updates made on the Housekeeping status, or assignment will be printed on this worksheet.


To use this feature, go to Housekeeping>Housekeeping Assignment in the Menu.


One can locate the report of that day by clicking on Today or for any Custom Dates by selecting a day from the virtual calendar.


Click on the Print Preview button to generate a copy for efficient use.

The printed worksheet includes columns for housekeeping to sign or initial, and also for a supervisor to mark each room as being inspected.

Housekeeping Occupancy

For properties that like to group their housekeeping task according to arrival and departures, the Housekeeping Occupancy report is best to view the those things together. A list of rooms can be provided to the Housekeeping staff based on the room occupancy for that day. A report can be generated for the occupied rooms (stay over), rooms expected to check in, check out and those that are vacant or blocked. The housekeeping department may print these room lists and schedule the rooms for cleaning accordingly.

To access this facility go to Housekeeping>Housekeeping Occupancy in the Main Menu bar.



1. Click on one of the options in the Drop down list based on the criteria you are going to search: Blocked, Check In, Check Out, Stay Over, or Vacant.


2. Click the Display Result button at the bottom to view the room list.

3. To export the status in Excel/XML/Text format click on the corresponding buttons “Export to Excel/Export to XML/Export to Text”.

4. To print the status, click on Print Preview button which formats it for the printer.

Stay Over

This report provides information on actual number of guests residing in each room for any given time. This can be useful for the front desk, or housekeeping staff.

It can be viewed under Reports>>Activities>> Stay Over.