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Combo Pack

Combo Pack

  1. The Combo Pack is said to be the sale of a combination of two and more items at a special subsidized rate.
  2. To create Combo Pack click on POS >> Combo Pack in Black Menu. 



  1. To add a combo, click on the Add button at the bottom. The “Add combo” screen appears.
  2. To make the combo active in the POS, enable the “Yes” radio button.
  3. In the Add Combo screen, enter the name of the combo and give a short description about the combo.
  4. Enter the number of items that you are going to place under the combo pack and give the details of the items that includes the name of the item that you can choose from the drop down list along with the number of items.
  5. If you are going to give the combo pack on a default rate, enable the “default rate” else enable the “Combo Rate” button. In case, you select a combo rate, specify the rate in the “Rate amount” box.

Finally, hit the “Save Combo” button.