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The POS essentially holds all the details of all the outlets within a property including the location, the restaurant type, the timings and the status of the restaurant whether it is opened/closed. To access this feature, go to POS>> POS Info>> POS.


To Add an Outlet

  1. To add an outlet, click on the Add Outlet button.
  2. The Add Outlet screen is displayed as follows,
  3. Specify whether the outlet is active. Mention the name of the outlet, its type, location, the number of stations it holds and other details.
  4. Once you are done, hit on the Save Outlet button at the bottom.

To Modify an Outlet

  1. To modify an outlet, click on the outlet name that you want to modify.
  2. Make the required changes/modifications.
  3. Hit on the Save Changes button once you are done.

To Delete an Outlet

  1. To delete an outlet, select the checkbox next to the outlet that you want to delete.

Hit on the Delete Outlet button once you are done.