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This report displays the list of all leads, who made inquiries or signed up for an Email or are not assigned to particular staff for follow-up. You can easily identify these by searching based on the conditions given in the drop down menu.

It can be viewed in New PMSUI under Reports >>Marketing >>Leads



  1. To filter the leads list, select the options from “Show Leads” and “Search By” drop down, then click on Search button. The corresponding leads are displayed.
  2. Click on Print / Preview All Leads button. A pop up window appears for preview. Click on Print button to print the list or click on Close button to close the window.
  3. You can also preview selected leads. Check the checkbox next to Contact ID and click on Print / Preview Selected Leads button.
  4. By Selecting Report Type as“Detail” , you can print out all contact details, including full mailing address of the lead.

By Selecting Report Type as “List” ,you can print out a spread sheet format with contact name, phone, Email and referral source.