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Custom Reports

Custom Reports

You can also create your own report to suit your reporting needs.

To view this report in PMS go to Reports >> Other>> Custom Reports in Black menu.




  1. Click on Add
  2. Under the Select Tables list, select the category of field that you want to display in your report. It can be Reservation, Guest, Travel Agent or Direct Billing Company.  
  3. Based on the table selected, the associated fields are displayed in the Available Fields list.            
  4. Select the field that you want to display in the report and click on the > button. You can continue to add more fields by selecting the field and then the >button. All the fields that are added appear in the Selected Fields list.            
  5. You can also pick fields associated from a different table to appear in the same report. Just pick a different table and then, select the field and add them to the Selected Fields list as described in the previous step.            
  6. Then click on Next button            
  7. Calculations like Sum and Average can be incorporated to the amount related fields to roll up the final values in the reports. Select the calculation that you want to include by selecting the appropriate check boxes.            
  8. Then click on Next button            
  9. Select the sorting order that you would like to apply, if applicable. You can apply sorting for up to four levels. Select the field for the sorting order.            
  10. Then click on Next button            
  11. Give a name (Title) to the report that you just created, so it can be used in the future. Enter the Description and the Created By details.            
  12. Click on Finish.            

The report that you created appears in the Custom Reports list.