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Full Reservation

Full Reservation

Full reservation is a detailed reservation where you can make reservation for multiple rooms and dates with a single registration ID.

To access this feature, go to Reservation>> Full Reservation in menu.


Full reservation consists of Five Tabs which are as shown :


Stay Info Tab

Stay info tab will help you to make entries of customer’s basic details like reservation dates, payment details, guest information and status of stay/Auto E-mail.


Reservation Block

  1. Arrival and departure dates will notify the customer’s period of stay.
  2. Check in and Check out time will notify the customer’s arrival and departure timings.
  3. No of Adults will confirm the number of adults who are going to stay.
  4. No of Children will confirm the number of children who are going to stay.
  5. Children Free Stay is mainly used to intimate housekeeping staffs to arrange appropriate things. Free stay is applicable only for children who are below the preassigned age( e.g.: below 4 years).
  6. No of Guests is the total number of Adults and Children.

Payment Details

  1. In payment type, payments can be done through either Cash or Card. Credit card type can be set under Setup>> Accounts>> Payments.


  1. If cash is set as payment type, credit card information is not necessary.


  1. View is used to see the credit card information. Upon clicking View, a password prompt pops up. Upon entering the password, you can view the respective card details.


  1. We can also verify the Credit Card details of the guest by enabling respective settings under Setup>>Accounts>>Credit card.


  1. Credit Card Setup & Validations Screen will be displayed which is shown below:


  1. If the card is assigned to “No validation”, you can save the reservation without any further validation,but if “validation” is enabled, you will have to go through a second validation. If you fail to enter the correct password and other details of the card, you will not be able to use the card to pay for reservation/s.

Guest Info

  1. Group code feature is used to book multiple rooms for a range of dates. This type of booking is made on a single guest who is responsible for billing on behalf of the group. You can select from an existing group code or create new group codes under Reservation>>Group booking.


  1. Enter the Guest’s basic details such as First name, Last name, Address and Email ID in this block. If the guest is already in the guest list, his details will be auto-populated by clicking on his/her name in the pop up.

Status & Auto Email

  1. Status gives the details about what will be the current status of the booking.
  2. Mark the “Auto Email” feature if you need to send auto emails to the guest.These mails will be generated according to the setup created under Setup>> Advanced Easy InnKeeping>> letters>> Reservation letters>> Auto Email.
  3. To view the status of your auto – emails, go to Quick Reservation>>History tab.
  4. The Status (unconfirmed/confirmed/checked-in/checked-out/Unpaid/fully paid) that you set here for every guest will be reflected in Charts>> Monthly Calendar. The Reservation status bar shows different “Reservation status” and you can view reservations on the chart marked with the respective color according to its status.


Note: You can toggle into the next tab only after saving the Stay Info tab. Your details will not be saved and an error message will be prompted if you fail to save or try to move to the next tab.

Assign Rooms Tab


  1. Under assign rooms, multiple rooms can be reserved for multiple dates.
  2. Select the duration of customer’s stay by choosing from “From date” and “ To Date” calendars.
  3. Unit names drop down displays all the available rooms ready to be occupied for that particular day and rates drop down will display the rates according to the rooms.
  4. The count of Number of Guests, children and free stay will be auto populated here
  5. Click Save to make the reservation.

Rate Info Tab


  1. Rate info is nothing but Billing Screen only. In billing screen the current reservation’s entire Guest, Room Information, Payment and Charges details will be displayed.
  2. Payments and other charges can also be done in billing screen.
  3. Only room rate can be change but we cannot edit taxes.
  4. Print feature is used to take printout of the billing screen.
  5. Send Email feature will send the billing details to that particular customer through Email. The Email which has been given in the guest details during reservation to that mail only it will be sent.

Other Info Tab

  1. This tab will show the extra details about the guest in the Additional Information field which is shown below :


Direct Billing

  1. Select any Direct Billing. Direct Billing feature will add all the room charges to the company bill and the company will be paying the bills. It can be enabled under Features>>Company ledger. Below the credit limit only we can make direct billing.


  1. Agent code feature is a third party dealing interface between customer and hotel management. It can be setup under Features>>Travelling Agent. Commission will be given to agent based on commission types under Features>>Travelling Agent.


  1. Referral is just information about the hotel from any secondary source like friends, newspapers, magazine…etc. For Referrals, commissions are not applicable to any secondary sources. It can be setup in Setup>> Advanced Easy InnKeeping>> Referral Types.


History Tab

History feature will show the entire action of the current reservation step by step. You can click on the Letter sent, E signature and Invoice printed to see the pages in detail.