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Group Booking

Group Booking


The Group Booking feature in Easy InnKeeping is ideal for blocking rooms for a group that is checking in and checking out on the same date. Blocked rooms will appear in the Reservation Charts and calendar screens under the group name, until individual guests are assigned. Both individual and group payments are allowed from the Group Booking billing screen.


  1. You can select from existing group Name and also can create new group code under Reservation>> Group booking



Steps 1:

  1. Click on the Add button
  2. Enter all the details of the group including group name, arrival date, departure date, contact name, contact information and payment information. The group booking screen is shown below.


  1. Click on the option “Yes” for Online Booking, if you want to allow guests from the group to book online.
  2. Then click on the Save button.

Note:You cannot enter the No. of Rooms field. This is a display field that gets automatically populated based on the number of rooms blocked in the Block Rooms tab which is shown below.

Steps 2:

  1. Click on the Block Rooms tab to assign the rooms and rates for this group.


  1. Select Unit Type/Unit Names, Rates and number of guests per room, and Save to the Block Room list.
  2. You can continue selecting additional rooms for this group reservation by selecting the Unit Name, Rate and then clicking on the Save button.

Steps 3:

  1. Assign rooms for the guest in the Reservation tab.
  2. By clicking on Add which is shown above, Quick Reservation screen will be displayed where we can assign individual guest for the selected units.


  1. After Clicking Add Quick reservation Screen will be opened.In the Reservation Page, the Group code will be automatically filled along with the group name and make necessary details in the reservation screen and Save the reservation which is shown below :


Group Billing

  1. Billing for a group reservation can be done for the entire group or for individual guests in the group.
  2. Open the group reservation by clicking on Reservation >> Group Reservation and then, when the screen appears, click on the Billing button. The group billing screen appears as shown below:



  1. The billing details of individual reservations made for this group is listed in the top portion of the screen.
  2. The entire charge for the group is displayed in the lower portion of the screen.
  3. Click on the Individual Bill check box and then click on the Billing button. You will be taken to the individual billing screen of the guest. Add charges and payments relating to this specific guest and as necessary and then click on the Save button.


The individual charges and payments that you make for each guest is reflected in the main group reservation’s bill screen and is displayed in the lower portion of the screen.