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Hourly Reservation

Hourly Reservation


Hourly reservation is mainly used for reserving rooms on an hourly basis on a particular day.

  • Basic Setups

Regular Rates Setup

Regular Rates can be defined as hourly rates and daily rates. When the rate type is assigned as an Hourly Rate, all charges applicable for a weekly basis become inactive. Fields indicating Weekend surcharge, extra person charge, no. of guest, children rate, no. of nights fields will be grayed out and do not accept any values.


Room Setup

  1. Rooms settings can be made under Setup>> Basic Easy InnKeeping>>Unit setup and the unit setup page is shown below:


  1. For Hourly Reservation, the room type has to be assigned as Meeting Room. Only the rooms assigned as meeting rooms will be shown on the reservation page.

Accessing Hourly Reservation


  1. Hourly reservation can be opened through Reservation>> Hourly Reservation.



2. On clicking Hourly reservation, the respective page will open up. In this page, you can search for customers who have made hourly reservation/s. By clicking on ADD button, you will be navigated to the Hourly Booking page.


Stay Information

  1. Meeting Date will allow you to book the reservation for that specific day which you locate on the calendar.
  2. Start Time is the time of the customer’s arrival to the room and end Time is the leaving time of the customer from the room.
  3. Depending on the Start Time and End Time, the total hours will be calculated and displayed in the Hours field.
  4. Select one of the unit names from the drop down. Only the units that are marked as meeting room will be displayed in the drop down list.
  5. No of Guests will specify the count of people who are going to stay or make use of the



Payment Info

  1. “Add to Room Total” will add the bill to the room which is arriving above the hourly booking. Once Add to room total is clicked, then the payment field will be disappears which is shown below :


  1. In Payment Type payments can be done in either cash or card. Credit card type can be set under Setup>>Accounts>>Payments.


  1. If cash is set as payment type, then credit card information is not necessary.
  2. Credit card set can be done under Setup>>Accounts>>Credit card type.


  1. View button is used to show the information entered in the credit card field by entering a Password.


  1. We can also verify the Credit Card details of the guest by making settings under Setup>>Accounts>>Credit card.


  1. Credit Card Setup & Validations Screen will be displayed which is shown below:


Guest Information


Enter the Guest’s basic details such as First name, Last name, Address and Email ID in this block. If the guest is already in the guest list, then enter his/her first, last name and click on TAB. The details of the guest will popup. Click on the desired guest name. His/her details will be auto populated in the fields.

Rate Information


  1. If Tax Exempt is “checked”, tax will not be calculated for that particular reservation.
  2. Reservation Total displays the reservation’s total amount and Amount Due field displays the remaining amount that the customer needs to pay.

Bottom Buttons

  1. Save button will save the reservation and remains on the same page but Save &Close will save and close the reservation.



  1. Billing button is enabled only when the reservation is made. In billing screen, the current reservation’s entire Guest, Room Information, Payment and Charges details are displayed.


  1. Payment and other charges can also be done in the billing screen.
  2. Payment and other charges can also be done in the billing screen.
  3. Print feature is used to take a printout of the billing screen.
  4. Send Email feature will send the billing details to that particular customer through Email. The Email ID given in the guest details during reservation will receive this mail.


Letter feature will send the letters like conformation, thank you…etc. in the form of Email and it can be setup under Setup>> Advanced Easy Inn Keeping>> Letters>> Reservation Letters.


View History

History feature will show the entire action of the current reservation step by step. You can click on the Letter sent, E signature and Invoice printed to see the pages in detail.