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Room Type Booking

Room Type Booking

  1. Monthly Availability Calendar by Room Type will show the view by Room Type.
  2. It can be access by making the view as room type in Options Settings which can be navigated by Features>> Options Settings and then >>Page Settings>> Calendar View as Room Type and click on Save button which is shown below :

Making Reservation by Room Type:

  1. To make reservation by room type navigate, Reservation >> Room Type Booking in the main menu.


Steps for making a room type reservation:

  1. Enter the arrival and departure dates and number of guest.
  2. Enter the Guest basic details such as First name, Last name, Address and Email ID in this block. If the guest is already in the guest list then enter the first and last name and click on TAB. The details of the guest will be popup and click on that guest name.

Status & Auto Email

  1. Status gives the details about what will be the current status of the booking which going to be.
  2. Checkbox the “Auto Email” feature if you needs to send the auto email automatically according to the setup which has been created under Setup>> Advanced Easy InnKeeping>> letters>> Reservation letters>> Auto Email.


Group code

  1. Select any Group code. Group code feature is used to book multiple rooms for a range of dates and make a single person to pay all the billings. It can be setup in Reservation>>Group booking.

Direct Billing

  1. Select any Direct Billing. Direct Billing feature will add all the room charges to the company bill and the company will be paying the bills. It can be enabled under Features>>Company ledger. Below the credit limit only we can make direct billing.

Agent code

  1. Agent code feature is a third party dealing interface between customer and hotel management. It can be setup under Features>>Travelling Agent. Commission will be given to agent based on commission types under Features>>Travelling Agent.
  2. Referral is information about the hotel from any secondary source like friends, newspapers, magazine…etc. For Referrals, commissions are not applicable to any secondary sources. It can be setup in Unit Setup>> Advanced Easy InnKeeping>> Referral Types.


  1. Choose the room type from the dropdown menu (Pulled from Setup>> Basic Easy InnKeeping>>Room type) and enter the number of rooms to be booked. If the entered number of rooms are available for that day those rooms only can be booked. Enter the Room Rate (Pulled from Setup>> Basic Easy InnKeeping>> Regular rates Setup) from the dropdown menu.

Payment Entry

  1. In payment type, payments can be done in either cash or card. Payment type can be set under Setup>> Accounts>> Payments.
  2. If cash is set as payment type then credit card information is not necessary.
  3. Credit card setup can be done under Setup>>Accounts>>Credit card type.
  4. View is used to see the information which has been given in the credit card field. After clicking on the View button enter the credit card password and click on “Submit” button.
  5. We can also verify the Credit Card details of the guest by making settings under Setup>>Advanced Easy Webrez>>Credit card.
  6. Credit Card Setup & Validations Screen will be displayed which is shown below:


  1. Select Rates” option will be visible only when single unit has been selected. If multiple rooms are selected Select Rates option will not be visible. We can select different rates for a room name with this feature.
  2. Unit Rate” is the per room rate which has been setup under Setup>>Basic Easy InnKeeping>> Unit setup. If any changes are made in unit rate it will affect Tax calculation and Room Total. Only “Regular rates” will be taken for Unit Rate for reservation unless Seasonal rate has been fixed for that particular date and unit.
  3. Room Total” is the total of all the rooms which has been reserved instead of showing only one room rate.
  4. Extra Person Charges” will be added when the “No of guest” exceeds the fixed No. of Guest which is assigned under Setup>>Basic Easy InnKeeping>>Regular and Seasonal Rate Setup. It will also affect the TAX calculation.
  5. Discount” option is used to make discounts for the customer. It can be setup in Setup>> Accounts>> Discounts.


  1. Tax can be set up under Setup>> Basic Easy InnKeeping>>Taxes.
  2. Taxes which are made as true in tax list that list of taxes only will display in reservation.
  3. We can split the tax in billing screen by enable the option under Features>>Option Setting>> Show Tax Breakdown on Bill.
  4. For implementing that taxes into rooms we need to setup in Setup>> Basic Easy InnKeeping>>Unit Setup.

Payment Display

  1. Post Tax total” is the total after addition of taxes with room and miscellaneous rates.
  2. Total paid” field will display the amount which are paid by the customer.
  3. Amount due” field will notify the remaining amount that the customer needs to be paid.


Any needs and request from the customer side, it will be noted down at notes field.

Bottom Features

  1. ADD feature will add a new Quick Reservation.
  2. SAVE button will save the reservation and remains on the same page but SAVE&CLOSE will save and close the reservation.


  1. Billing button enabled only when the reservation has been made. In billing screen the current reservation’s entire Guest, Room Information, Payment and Charges details will be displayed.
  2. Payment and other charges can also be done in billing screen.
  3. Only room rate can be change but we cannot edit taxes.
  4. Print feature is used to take printout of the billing screen.
  5. Send Email feature will send the billing details to that particular customer through Email. The Email which has been given in the guest details during reservation to that mail only it will be sent.

Guest, Guest image, Guest doc

  1. Guest button will show the guest information and any changes can also be done.
  2. Guest image will takes the image of the customer through interface and any document of customer for security reason can be added through Guest Doc (Select Document popup) which is shown below.


  1. Letter feature will send the letters like conformation, thank you…etc. in the form of Email and it can be setup under Setup>> Advanced Easy Inn Keeping>> Letters>> Reservation Letters.


  1. Delete button will delete the entire reservation.
  2. Deleted reservation cannot be found in find reservation also.

History Tab

History feature will show the entire action of the current reservation step by step. You can click on the Letter sent, E signature and Invoice printed to see the pages in detail.

  1. Monthly Room Type is accessed under Chart >> Monthly Room Type in Black Menu.
  2. By clicking on the Room Type Dropdown which is shown below we can view the particular room type alone in the chart.

The second red box highlights the available rooms on that particular day.