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Charges specifically enumerate the amount of money incurred when adding any Point Of Sale Items or any other service/s that is availed from the property by the guest. To create Charges, click on Setup>> Accounts>> Charges in dropdown menu




1. To add a charge, click on the Add button at the bottom. The Account Code screen is displayed. The account code field is auto generated.

2. Enter the description and select the Account Group as Charges from dropdown and select any related Account Subgroup.

3. Selecting the account group as charges will automatically change the account type to “Credit”.

4. Enter a default amount in the field provided. Enable this charge to be applicable for online bookings also by marking the “Yes” button in the “Online Item” option.

5. Choose the taxes to be added to the charge. To enable the added charge in lodging and POS, just enable the checkbox.

6. Click on YES in the Disable this Account option to disable this charge and click on Save to save your changes.