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Package setup

Package setup

1. The package feature allows a property to build combinations of room stays, and other items like foods into a package and that can be given as a single item to the guest.

2. To create packages click on Setup>> Advanced Basic Easy InnKeeping>> Package Setup.



1. Click on Add button. Add package page will be opened which is shown below:


2. Enter Package Name and Description.


3. Click on Browse button to upload the picture.

4. Enter Number of Rooms and Number Of Nights included in the package.

5. Select the rooms that can be booked for this package from the Room Details list. To select multiple rooms, hold the CTRL key and select with your mouse.

6. Select Room Rate from the Dropdown.

7. Select the Item Details from the provided list to add services or items.

  • Select the item name
  • Select the quantity. If a default price is defined for the item, it will be displayed. If no price is defined, please enter an amount.

8. If you want to add more than 10 items click on Add More Items button and enter the item details.

9. Enter the Number Of Guests.

10. Select Online Package as “Yes” if you want to display packages in the Easy WebRez online booking page.

11. Select the dates that the package should be applied. If you want to apply multiple dates for a single package, click on Add More Dates button and select the dates.

12. Total Room Rate will be shown in the text box and also can be modified. Total cost is the actual amount of the package (calculation will be based on the room rate and item details amounts) excluding the tax will be displayed in textbox.

13. Click Save Changes Button.