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1. Policies are the terms and condition in which the property will be making to the guest to be followed. Only after agreeing further process can be performed.

2. To create Policies click on Setup>> Advanced Basic Easy InnKeeping>> Policies dropdown in Menu.



1. Click on the Add Policy button which is shown above. Add policy page will be displayed which is shown below :


2. Enter the Policy Name, Type and Description.


3. Check the “Display On Easy WebRez” option if you want to show the policy details in Online Booking and when printing the bill.

4. Check the “Display On Invoice” option if you want to show the policy details in billing screen.

5. Check the “Display this in Online Stand alone Shopping Cart” option to show the policy for shopping cart alone and not for rooms. To apply the policy for rooms alone uncheck this option.

6. Click on Save Policy button.