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Property Rates

Property Rates

Property Rates provides more options to customize rates and other booking options, on your online reservations page (i.e., on your booking engine). It can be accessed by navigating through Setup>> Advanced Easy Webrez >> Property Rates.



1. Enable Online Booking Option comprises a number of features within. You can enable/disable the respective features by checking/unchecking the corresponding checkbox.Screen.

2. Rate Information will help you set the rates to be displayed on the booking engine. The information entered here will be displayed in the booking engine as shown.



3. Enable Online Booking Search Page provides you with features to be displayed in the Search Summary section of the booking engine. Features enabled/disabled here will be reflected accordingly as shown.

4. Select Deposit Payment Requirements feature allows the user to pay a minimum amount as deposit prior to their stay. If this feature is enabled, users will be unable to make a reservation without paying the deposit amount.

5. Select Discount Requirements provides discount as a defined amount for a given period of time. You can enter the start/end day of discount and the stipulated amount that you assign as discount charges in the fields provided under this section.


6. Select any Amenities included in Room Rates feature includes the selected amenities to the room rate. It is displayed on the booking engine under the Property Description page.

7. Online Reservations Availability:

  • The Lead time required for Online Reservations features sets a period of day(s) before when online reservations can be made from the current date. Beyond the stipulated lead time, online reservations cannot be made from the current date.
  • The Do not allow Online Reservations after feature disables online for the stipulated time you enter here.

8. Rate Adjustment by Percentage feature allows you to adjust the rate for a unit, for reservations made between a specified number of days from the current date.