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Easy Setup Wizard

Easy Setup Wizard

The Easy Setup Wizard helps you to set all the fundamental information about your property in order to get started. You don’t have to toggle between multiple screens to set up your property details. Easy Setup Wizard helps you to do everything at one place. Easy Indeed!!

To access this feature, go to Setup>>Basic Easy InnKeeping>>Easy Setup Wizard.

Once you click on “Easy Setup Wizard”, a modify property box is displayed. Make sure fields indicated with an asterisk are filled out. You can also add a picture of your property.


If you are adding the details of your property for the first time, click on “Next” to navigate to the next setup option.

If you are making changes to the existing property, click on Save changes in order for the changes to take effect.

Click on View Property Details to get a holistic view of all the details of your property.

Upon clicking “Next”, the “Add Regular Rate” box is displayed. You can set up the rates for your property here. Fill the details for Rate Type, Rate Name, Expedia and Rate Plan ID, Rack Rate. Once done, click on the Next button.

If you are making changes to an already existing regular rate, click on “ Save Changes” for your modified rates to be reflected.