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Seasonal Rate setup

Seasonal Rate setup

Seasonal rates can be setup only for Regular Rates. We cannot create new seasonal rates without a regular rate. We can assign an extra rack rate for a particular range of dates and apply the seasonal rate instead of regular rate.

It can be navigated by Setup>> Basic Easy InnKeeping>> Seasonal rates Setup which is shown below:



1. Click on Add seasonal rate button which is shown above and the add regular rate page is shown below:


2. Select Rate Name from the Dropdown. These rates have to be defined first in the regular rate screen. (For example, Grande Suite Room Rate was defined in the regular rate screen.)

3. Specify the From and To date for which you want the seasonal rate to take effect. The Seasonal Rate will not be applicable out of the dates specified in the From and To fields.

4. Enter Rack Rate.

5. If you want to apply Weekend Surcharges, select the days that you want to apply surcharges for, by clicking on the appropriate day(s). For example if you want to apply surcharges for Saturday and Sunday, click on the check boxes representing Saturday and Sunday.

6. Enter Minimum No. of Nights that the guest is allowed to stay in this room at the specified rate.

7. Click on the Save button.