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Cms Editor

CMS Editor

CMS Editor will enable you to manage content for your booking engine. You can add personalized text about your property and other sections of the booking engine using the CMS editor. To access CMS Editor, click on Setup>> Advanced Basic Easy Webrez >> CMS Editor in Menu.




On clicking the CMS editor, you will be redirected to the page where you can edit different sections of your booking engine. The landing page of the CMS editor contains the content for your booking engine’s home page as shown below. On clicking the content, you will realize that it is contained within a block. The top right corner of the block has three options ..


• On clicking the first icon, you can edit the content in the block or add new content according to your preference.

• Clicking the second icon will copy paste the current block of content.

• Clicking on the third icon will close or remove the current block of content.

All the changes made here will be reflected in your booking engine’s home page.



To edit the content in the other sections of your booking engine, click on Room Adding from Online Booking dropdown. CMS Easy WebRez Room Adding page will open as shown:


The content that you add here will be displayed in the Search Rooms page below the Search Summary as shown.


There are various options present in the editor to help you display your content in a personalized way.

The four options present toward the top left of the editor are as follows,


• The first icon allows you to add new content. On clicking it, a block wherein you need to put your content is shown. Click on the marker icon on the top right of the block to add new content. Once you start, an editor appears as shown:


• Using the various options from the editor, create customized content for your page. Click on the Save button within the editor to save your changes.

• Once you are finished with adding all the content, click the icon cms9 on the top left to save the changes to your site. Note that you need to save changes to your editor and your website before you can publish your content.

• Once you are done saving the content, click on the “Publish Website” button. Your booking engine will be displayed with the saved changes.