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Customers List

Customers List

  1. To retain customers and provide opportunities to increase their business, it’s important to add, maintain and update Customer details.
  2. This can be accessed under Setup>> E-Connect>> Customers List in the main menu.


  • Adding and Deleting Customers

To add a Customer

  1. Click the Add Customer button at the bottom of the Customer List page.


  1. The Add Customer form is displayed


  1. Fill in the contact details of the customer, comments and purchase date and details.
  2. Once you are done click the Save Changes button at the bottom. The new Customer details are added to the existing list of customers.

To delete a Customer

  1. Select the customer (s) to be deleted by click the check boxes to the left.
  2. Click on the delete customer button at the bottom of the page.
  3. A dialog box appears to confirm your deletion. Click on “OK” and confirm. The selected customers will be deleted from the List.

To Filter Customer List Display

  1. Select All Customers to display all contacts in the Customers database.
  2. Select Customers in Mailing List to display all customers who have given permission to receive email communications.
  3. Select Customers not in Mailing List to display all customers who have opted out ofemail communications.

To Search for Customers

  1. Go to the Customer List and select any of the following search criteria in Search By drop down list.


  1. Type in the search criteria and click the Search box to display results.
  2. Click on the Property or Organization name to view Lead details.

To define a new search, click the Clear button.