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Reservation Letters

Reservation Letters

1. Reservation letters are used to intimate the guest about the status of their reservation through Emails.

2. To make access these letters go to on Setup>> E-Connect >>Reservation Letter.


3. By default, five letters will be present in the reservation letter list which is highlighted below in red box.

Add Letters

1. First, you have to compose a letter that you want to send to your guests. To create a new letter, click on the Add Letter button. The Add Letter dialog appears as shown below.

2. Enter the name of the letter and other details as required that you are going to compose and upload the HTML file by clicking on “Upload File” browse button and click on the Save button. (For example Confirmation Letter.)

3. To display a letter that was previously written and saved, click on the letter in the Letter List.

Create Letter

1. Enter the name of the letter and other details as required that you are going to compose and click on the Save button. (For example Confirmation Letter.)

2. Now, you have to insert the Merge Fields that you want to incorporate in this letter. Select the name of the fields that you want to include from the “Select Fields” list.

3. Go through the list of Select Fields list. Insert the fields in the main document. To insert a merge field, place the cursor at the point where you want the Data to appear in the letter or the main document and click on the field that has to be inserted from the Insert Merge Field list.

4. You can incorporate as many fields as you want by following the same procedure explained above.

5. To change font, highlight the text that needs to be changed and click on the Font list box and select Font. The text can also be made Bold or Italic by choosing the appropriate formatting icons.

6. After completing the letter, click on the Save button.

Note: You cannot copy and paste the contents to letter editor from Ms Word or any website because the alignment will not be as accurate. You can copy and paste from notepad.

Merge Letter

1. The Merge Reservation Letter option can be used to send an email message or newsletter to a large list of recipients, or to print and mail out a series of letters.

2. To send a Bulk Email, select the type of letter from the letter list that you want to merge with the customer or lead details by clicking on the respective checkbox.

3. On a checkbox and go to the Merge Letter button at the bottom.

4. Once you click on it, the following dialog box appears.

5. On Query Options be sure to enter Field, Comparison, Compare To.

6. You can also select the list of guests to whom you want to send this letter based on certain filter criteria and sorting order.

7. Fill in all the details and click on the Email button at the bottom.

8. On the mailing list page it will display all the email addresses in your list, according to the filters you selected.

9. Enter the title you want your guests to see on Subject.

10. Click “Preview” to see how the email will display to your guests.

11. After closing preview, click on Send 50 emails. The software will send the first 50 addresses from your list, and will keep sending 50 emails at a time until the entire list is sent.

Auto Email

1. For complete instructions on using the Auto Email feature, refer to the Auto Email chapter.

2. To access this facility go to the Auto Email button at the bottom of the Letters List page.

3. To add a mail to the existing Auto Email schedule, click on the Add button at the bottom.

4. Once you click on it a vacant field is allocated to enter the name of the email, the letter which is to be attached to it, the schedule for the email and the date.

5. Press the Save button.

6. We can enable the auto Email feature under Features>> Option Settings >> Auto Email Settings on the Black Menu.