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Staff List

Staff List

The Staff List feature allows you to maintain a database of all your PMS and POS staff along with their general and personal details. To access staff list, navigate through Setup>>Employee>>Staff List in Menu.





  • Click on the Add to add a new worker to the list.
  • Enter full name of the user in Add Worker Page as shown.
  • Enter user name and password of the worker.
  • Select an Access Level from the list.
  • Select Shift from the list provided.
  • Also mention his/her position, Email id, Phone Number.
  • Click on Save button to save changes to the General Information.
  • Click on the Address tab to enter contact information of the worker.


  • Click on the browse button to upload an image of the staff.
  • Hit the Save button.



Note: You can also add POS staff by checking the radio button “POS”.