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Easy InnKeeping – Web-Based Solution

Easy InnKeeping’s Web-based version hosted on its secure and reliable servers allows you to benefit from remote access, easy maintenance and monthly payment plans.

What is a Web-based PMS?

A Web-based property management system (PMS) is a single-image inventory, operating traditional CRS and PMS functions from one central database and accessible from anywhere. The cost-effective and low-maintenance tool helps you manage your reservations with ease. Whether you are travelling between properties or attending an off-site meeting, Easy InnKeeping keeps you in total control of your hotel’s operation from wherever the workday takes you.

Why Invest in a Web-Based System?

The foolproof way to make bookings online and keep property management inventory updated is to use a Web-based Reservation Software.

  • Forget the need to have an in-house IT expert Easy InnKeeping has been designed with easy to use functions and an intuitive interface that allows managers and front desk operators to quickly develop a level of comfort with the system and removes any intimidation that comes in the way of using the new technology.
  • Reduce your annual technology spending Independent hotel operators are able to manage their properties with our web-based solution for as little as $39/month. With no annual contracts, large upfront costs or hidden fees, receive an all-inclusive system with the tools that include Easy WebRez online booking engine, Channel Manager, Direct Connects, GDS services and much more. Click here to know more about our pricing structure.
  • Get all the flexibility to operate a 24/7 business.

Benefits of Web-Based over the old Desktop

Wherever you go – if you can connect to the internet, you can use the software. You can literally be anywhere and take reservations, process credit cards, send confirmation letters and manage and monitor your property information.

No need to worry about local backups, hard drive crashes, and viruses. The web-based installation is secure and safeguards your property’s front desk operations even when you

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