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Rate Setup
Regular Rates and Seasonal Rates are now created and managed in a single screen (Rate Setup). To get there, go to Setup>>Basic>>Rate Setup.

Regular Rates
Regular Rates Assignment:
The Rates List shows all of the Regular Rates that have been created. They may not all be assigned to Units. To verify what Rate is assigned to each Unit, go to Setup>>Basic>>Unit Setup

Click on the Room Type column header to sort this view by Room Type.

The Rate Name Column shows which Rate Name is assigned to each Unit.

NOTE: All units of a given Room Type must have the same Rate Name assigned to them. If any of the Units need a different Rate Name assigned, either reassign them to a different Room Type, or create a unique Room Type for them.

Once that is accomplished, go back to Setup>>Basic>>Rate Setup.

Regular Rates Management
You can do a quick edit on a regular rate in the list itself by clicking on the Edit button (Pencil Icon) and update the changes.


A more advanced edit mode can be accessed by clicking the Rate Name in the list

Make any necessary changes and click Save Rate Plan.

Adding Regular Rates

To add a new Regular Rate, click on “Add Regular Rate” at the bottom of the Rates List.

1. Select the correct Rate Type (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
2. Fill out the Rate Name field
3. Fill out the Rack Rate field
4. Included Occupants determines which guests get the “Extra Person Charge” for both Adults and Children. Fill out all three fields as needed.
5. If the Rate is higher on the weekends than it is on the weekdays, add the difference in the Weekend Surcharge field and check the appropriate Days
6. Click on Save Rate Plan.

Seasonal Rates
The first step is to determine what Seasonal Rates, if any, are set up already. From the Rates List, click on the Search Icon (Magnifying Glass) to the far right of the line item.

The Seasonal Rate List has two views: Past Date Ranges and Future Date Ranges. If you select Past Date Ranges, the list will show all Seasonal Rates that have expired. These can be edited to be your current and/or future Seasonal Rates by using the same process for Quick Edit of Rates described above.

Seasons and Holidays Definition
If there are no Past Seasonal Rates to edit, or not enough of them, new Seasonal Rates must be created. This is a two-step process.
First, create and define a Season, like Holiday Season, Summer Season, Peak Season, etc. Each Season can have a single date range OR multiple date ranges at once, and then this season can be applied to multiple Regular Rates. On the Regular Rates List, click on the Seasons and Holiday Definition tab at the top of the screen.

Click on the Add Season button.

1. Enter a Name for the Season and select the first date range that this Seasonal Rate will apply to.

NOTE: The “ToDate” goes by Check-Out Date, so if you want, for example, the 17th of the month to be included in this price, then select the 18th as the “ToDate”.
2. Press the Save and Add More button

3. Enter a new date range if needed. When done, click on the View List button.
4. When done entering Seasons, go back to the Rates tab.

5. Click on the eyeball icon under the “Add Seasonal Rate” column for the first Rate that the new Seasonal Rate will apply to

6. Check the box next to the new Season that this Seasonal Rate will apply to and enter the price for those dates in the Rack Rate field.

7. If any of the Included Occupants, Extra Person Charges, or Weekend Surcharges are different from the Default Rate, check the box “Extra Charges Different from Rack” and proceed to Step 8. If they are the same as the Default Rate, click Save Rate Plan and proceed to Step 9.

8. Fill in the appropriate fields and click Save Rate Plan.

9. To view the newly created Seasonal Rate, click on the Search Icon (magnifying glass) to the far right of that Regular Rate


10. The Seasonal Rates can be Edited (Pencil Icon) or Deleted (Trash Can Icon) in this screen.

NOTE: Once the Seasonal Rates are created, they are independent of the Seasons. Deleting or editing the Seasonal Rate does not affect the Season, and vice versa.