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Unit Setup

Single room settings can be made in Unit Setup. It can be accessed by navigating through Setup >> Basic Easy InnKeeping >> Unit Setup.


1.Click on Add Room button. The add room page is displayed.

2. By default, the room will be active. If you want the room to be created but made inactive, select the “No” button.

3. Enter Unit Name and Unit No.

4. Select Room Type from the dropdown list.

5. Click the browse button to upload a nice picture of the room.

6. Select the Room View/location, No. Of Beds and Bed Type from the Dropdown list.

7. If the unit is provided with amenities as listed, select the appropriate choices and click on the >> button.

8. Enter the Maximum Occupancy you wish to set up for the room.

9. Single Rate option will enable charges for a single person (This is applicable only when the number of guest is one).

10. Check the option “Yes” or “No” to display the room in online reservation.

11. Click on the Save button.